Peyush Bansal Biography

Peyush Bansal Biography, the founder of Lenskart, was born on 26 April 1985 in New Delhi, India and Piyush was very creative since childhood, he loves doing business and in the year 2022, Peyush Bansal will be 37 years old.

Piyush ji was born in Delhi and he was also brought up by his parents in New Delhi and Peyush Bansal’s parents used to belong from coming home to normal, say they were not very rich, Piyush was treated very well by them. Palpaeda and stood by him in his every decision.

Peyush Bansal Biography
Peyush Bansal Biography

Peyush Bansal had to become a very successful businessman and he was already engaged in it, that’s why Peyush Bansal did his studies in Delhi and went to Canada for college, after completing his studies, he decided that now he Want to become a very big businessman.

And today he has become a very big businessman, he has achieved a lot as he is his age, he has achieved a lot in his life and he has also become a millionaire and today Piyush Bansal is becoming a judge in Shark Tank. Showing your awesomeness.

Career of peyush bansal

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Piyush Bansal was very good in studies as we know and after completing his college he left home to work, he had a lot of trouble in getting a job but he did not give up and in the year 2007, Peyush Bansal did his first job. Did a job that worked as a Program Manager in Microsoft company in America.

Peyush Bansal used to work there with a lot of heart, but somewhere there was a desire in his heart that he has to do something big in his country, although when he was working in a company in America, then there too.

Despite his earnings, Peyush Bansal had to do something big in his country of India, so he left the job from America and returned to India. Peyush Bansal then started looking for work in the Lenskart company and founded the Lenskart Vision Fund as well as Lenskart Plus which focuses on all glasses and lenses they had.

When he was doing his post graduation in IIM Institute, Piyush Bansal had once established Valyoo Technologies which was brought as the first commercial portal inside Search My Campus in the year 2007. It was a platform which included many things such as – Accommodation, Books, Part Time Jobs etc.

From the very beginning, Peyush Bansal was very fond of solving the problem, so his only aim was to get the students rid of their problem and this startup started running well, after this Piyush Bansal launched his many more startup business. and it all started running well.

Bansal family

In the family of Piyush Bansal his father is his mother and his wife and he also has an elder brother Please Bansal’s father is a chartered accountant and Piyush Bansal’s mother is a housewife. Many people have this question that Peyush Bansal is married.

So yes friends Peyush Bansal is married and his wife’s name is Neemasa Bansal. Purvanchal also has an elder brother, he is also a businessman and he is also doing good business. To know about Peyush Bansal Net Worth go with this link.


Q1. Who is Peyush Bansal?

Piyush Bansal is the founder of Lenskart company which is a very big company which has shops all over the world Piyush Bansal is the Co-Founder of Lenskart as well as other big companies.

Q2. How much does Peyush Bansal earn?

Piyush Bansal is the owner of Lenskart company, which runs in crores, so you can understand how much Piyush Bansal’s earnings will be, by the way, let me tell you, his earnings so far are more than 600 crores.

Q3. Which company is owned by Piyush Bansal?

Piyush Bansal is the owner of Lenskart Company.

Q4. How old is Piyush Bansal and where does he live?

Piyush Bansal is around 36 years old but on 26th April this year he will be 37 years old and he was born in New Delhi, India.

Q5. Who is Piyush Bansal’s wife?

Piyush Bansal’s wife’s name is Nimisha Bansal who is a housewife.