Petstreat: Giving back for a social cause helping ecommerce stores

Aligning the ecommerce brand with social causes can help build up a positive impression and reputation as a accountable, socially conscious company. Online shoppers comprise of the young generation who are typically more conscious about their social responsibilities and expect the same approach from companies they buy their products from. Statistics show that a majority of them prefer shopping with those brands which are socially conscious. One good news is that people like to shop with brands that in some way involved with social giving and are ready to spend even extra if they know that the seller is supporting a cause. The question of paying more does not arise here as they know that their money is eventually going for the welfare of some social cause they support.

There are many ecommerce stores which have introduced CSR and are contributing towards various causes they deem fit it. One fine example is that of Petstreat who have taken up the task of supporting stray dogs and cats by giving a percentage of their revenue to the animal rescue & shelter organizations who rescue these animals and take care of their food, shelter and medical expenses. They have a range of pet products which one can choose on their online shop , and with every purchase a dedicated amount goes for the welfare of these animals. One of Petstreat’s team member informs us that to be effective the charity that you choose should be in sync with your product. It’s extremely important that you find the right charity with the right cause and issue to support which well aligns with your brand and your business goals including your target customer. If you’re off the track, your campaign won’t look sincere and genuine.

Using the power of ecommerce to make a change and support charities makes it easy for consumers to support the causes which they believe in by purchasing the products from ecommerce companies that support social giving. The ever growing spending power of the younger generation who’re passionate about supporting various causes will directly impact the sales resulting in growth of revenues.