Petronas tower replica BTWC: a huge economic real estate development

The blue world trade center is the most demanded commercial area for those who want to win the competition. Pakistan’s number one trade center raises different trends such as business, trade, shopping, etc., due to the increased commercial demand, the PETRONAS tower replica generated. The reason for this tower is to promote business and trade. 

The building is perfect for establishing corporate office as this project is equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities. Blue world city payment plan is also a big advantage for its residents. The basic purpose of building amenities is for people can work most conveniently. 

1  Reasons why Petronas tower is a well-known project

Blue world trade center Islamabad is one of the hottest business hub in the twin cities. It is built on international standards and is a duplicate of PETRONAS twin tower. 

The Petronas tower is situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. According to Council on Tall Structures & Urban Habitat’s official standards and categorization. These were the tallest building in the world from 1998 to 2004. Likewise, the Petronas trade center of blue world city Islamabad is built and is 27 story tower with two halves. A bridge connects these two halves. 

The basement with 3 stories of blue world trade center is reserved for parking. The headquarters of the blue world city is on the second floor, and one of the twenty-three floors is a commercial enterprise. 

2  Location advantages 

Investors always look at the location of the land before buying it. It is because the location is important for any piece of land. Likewise, investors will also analyze the location of the blue world trade center before buying property there. If you need future information about blue world city map click on this link.

The location gives advantages to investors as it is suitably assessable from grand trunk road. The blue world trade area is well known to all because all the business zones of the twin cities are a few minutes away. It is leverage for investors. 

The trade center’s location surely promotes business inside the city. And it is best for stakeholders from a purchase and spectacular perspective.

3  Blue world trade center Developers

The blue world group of companies came into existence in 1989. The company focuses on architecture planning and management related to construction. And then, by attracting clients and grabbing their interest, the company builds its name among Pakistan’s top 5 real estate firms. The company now registers itself among the top property firms in Pakistan by entering into a global footprint. The trade center is a huge plan of the blue world group, aiming to achieve people’s expectations. 

4  Blue World Trade Center as an Economic Hub

The blue world trade center is a huge strategic plan and project which aims to benefit investors and citizens. It is a new and progressive development by the blue world group. It is an economic hub because the blue world traders want to achieve heights for the blue world trade center and enter the new real estate level. Additionally, the tower has modern facilities and features for investors and citizens. What makes it an economic hub is its prime location which makes it assessable to twin cities. You can also learn more about the project by contacting lead marketing. 

5  Blue world trade center facilities

The basic aim of the blue world group is to provide residents with a place where they can trade, do business and shop all in one place. The building of the world trade center is equipped with modern facilities and services, which makes everything easy for people.

1. Corporate Rooms

The world trade center developers introduce the corporate rooms. The rooms are designeded to meet the requirements of modern corporate office. 

You can work and enjoy yourself at the same time. They include everything you need to complete the job, including a work desk, direct dial phone, and a linked internet connection. They are roomy and comfy.

2. Apartments

When you have to move to a new apartment, you desire it to be fully furnished. When the apartment is full of necessities, you feel mentally relaxed. 

If you need that relaxation and comfort, then the blue world trade center is here to provide residents with fully furnished flats. Well-furnished flats and homes provide you with a well standard of living.

3. Restaurants and Hotels

Restaurants and hotels are necessary when commercial deals are going on. It attracts visitors. And the basic purpose of a hotel is to match the high standard business criteria. 

Business hubs with hotels and restaurants are essential for all. Dining facilities are best for business meetings and professional work. 

4. 24/7 Surveillance

Security is always the priority for everyone. So for security, our blue world city provides 24/7 surveillance and tight security. You will find a security camera at every corner our techs will guard.

 Our highly qualified staff works for the betterment of giving tight security to those who will live. They take security seriously and are on duty for any security concerns. Our competent guards are everywhere guarding the area so to protect anyone in an emergency. 

6  Conclusion

Every firm takes years to become successful, like the blue world city Islamabad. You must make an informed selection about where you want to do business and operate. 

Well-structured society, location, architectural work, better ROI, etc., make a firm successful. And all these elements are present in the blue world trade center. It is the place of your dreams. 

It provides a better life, business, and a safe and secure environment. All these facilities make you able to trust the fact that your investment will turn into billions in upcoming years. 

Lead marketing is here to guide you about all you want. If you want to know more about blue world trade center, blue world city payment plan, etc., contact lead marketing and resolve your queries.