Pet Travel Essentials You Must Never Live Without

Singapore, also called The Lion City of Southeast Asia, is a small island state that belongs to the world’s top countries for tourism. Visitors from around the globe flock to the island nation due to its environmentally-friendly attractions and sustainable heritage conservation programs 

Places like Sentosa Island and Gardens by the Bay always come to mind when tourists want to be surrounded by some of the most exotic plants on the planet. It also houses some of the most exceptional animals like giraffes and orang-utans at the Singapore Zoo. 

Travelling to Singapore can be more fun if you take your beloved pet with you during the trip. You can take your beloved pet on a leisure walk at the Labrador Nature Reserve or the East Coast Park. You only need to learn all the country’s rules and regulations and your flight carrier to avoid complications. You may also pre-order supplies from an online pet store in Singapore to prepare everything you need during your trip. 

But what are the essential items that you must always carry with you each time you take your beloved pet on a leisure trip? This is a list of pet supplies that you must pack in your bag for your planned getaway to Singapore:

Pet Travel Cargo

If you have a large breed pet, you are required to check him or her in cargo. Since the pet cannot sit with you during transit, you must purchase a sturdy crate where your pet can move comfortably. You must also attach bowls inside the crate door that the airline staff can refill easily. It is important to provide extra dry food, secure it in a tightly sealed freezer bag, and taped it properly outside the crate. 

To make sure that your pet has something to eat as soon as you land at the airport, you must reach out to an online pet shop in Singapore to order the pet’s favourite food. 

Health And Safety Essentials

Before your flight, you must secure all your pet’s vaccination records so you can have something to present to the airline. It means that you must drop by your veterinarian before your scheduled trip. 

You also need to keep your pet’s first aid kit well-stocked. There is an option to buy a prepared first aid kit for dogs that contain items like wound care solutions, bandages and strips, and emergency medicines. But if you want to build your own kit, you must ask your vet to provide a list of items that your dog needs during unforeseen accidents.

Important Pet Accessories

Pets may feel anxious in new, unfamiliar surroundings. So always make sure that you packed the go-to items to keep him or her calm during the trip. It could be their favourite toy, treats, or sleeping accessories that will make them feel secure in the new place. 

It is also necessary to bring the required grooming products to keep your pet clean all the time. Pet shampoos, conditioner, and comb should be included in your luggage. It is also necessary to keep a pack of urine pads and dog waste bags since Singapore requires dog owners to clean up the pet’s mess. 

Travelling with pets can be a lot of fun. But you always need to ensure that you have everything on hand before your planned trip. With the help of these travel essentials, your dog could be your favourite travel buddy while checking out the marvellous places during your Singaporean getaway.