Pest Management in Summer – How to Manage Summer Pest Problems

It’s summertime, and that means it is time to think about pest control. If you live in areas such as Brisbane with warm weather all year round, you need to start searching online for residential pest control services near me during the warmer months of the year.

This blog post will discuss common summer pests, protection tips for each one, and some helpful advice on how you can make sure your home stays pest-free this season!

Pest Problems in Summer

The problem of pests in the summer months is not unique to any specific region. Even if you live in an area where the weather is freezing during winter, pest infestations can still happen at this time of year.

Summer pests are usually flying insects like mosquitoes and bees, but ticks may also be a problem for some people (depending on their geographic location).

Common summer pests

Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes are perhaps the most common summer pests. They are usually found near water sources, but they can also breed in rainwater that collects on your property (in containers or old tires).

Ticks: Ticks may be more of a problem for people who live in wooded areas with lots of leaves and brushes. However, if you do not need to clear these away from your home regularly, ticks could become an issue no matter where you live.

Termites: Termites are one of the most dangerous summer pests. They can cause severe structural damage in your home, especially if you do not notice them until too late.

Bed bugs: Bed bugs have unfortunately made a comeback recently, and they may be more of an issue during the warm weather months when people spend more time indoors.

How to Manage Summer Pest Problems

Different pests have different ways of being controlled; we have listed some of the most effective pest control methods for each type:

1. Mosquito Control in Summer

There are several ways to keep mosquitoes at bay and prevent them from entering your home. You can leave out containers filled with water. This is where female mosquitos lay their eggs – these will attract mosquito larvae! It’s also essential that you make sure all of your windows and doors fit tightly shut as well as checking any cracks or gaps around doorframes, walls etc., before sealing them up.

Protection Tips

Cover-Up: You should wear long, light-coloured clothes that cover as much skin as possible.

Use Mosquito Net: A mosquito net covering the bed is also an effective method of protection at night when you are sleeping.

Stay Inside/Keep Doors Shut: You should try to stay indoors between dusk and dawn (when mosquitos tend to be more active) or keep doors shut if you need to go outside during these times; this will prevent any hungry swarms from entering your home!

Protect Your Home: Protecting your home involves a multi-step process that involves sealing up any cracks or openings by using caulk, weather stripping and even netting.

2. Ticks Control in Summer

Controlling the infestation of ticks in your yard is another way to help prevent them from entering your home. Make sure you clean up any debris, fallen leaves or other materials lying around because these can provide a hiding place for ticks. If it’s easier said than done, then consider hiring an exterminator who can take care of this problem for you!

Protection Tips

Wear Light-Colored Clothing: Ticks are usually easily visible on light clothing, so by wearing white or bright colours, you have a better chance of seeing them before they latch onto your skin.

Use Insect Repellants: Always use insect repellents when going out in outdoor areas where there may be ticks, and always follow the instructions that come with these products carefully.

3. Termite Control in Summer

Termites are insects usually found in warmer climates. However, they are also known to infest structures in more northern regions during the summer months.

Protection Tips

Keep Your Home Clean: Termites love to feed on wood, so make sure that you keep your home’s floors and furniture clean at all times. Keep kitchen surfaces free of food waste; termites will happily eat these if they are available!

Look for Signs Around the House: Termite droppings signify that there may be an infestation in or around your house. You can also look out for mud tubes that form between their nests and cracks in wooden structures.

Watch for Signs of Termites: You should regularly inspect your home or business for signs that termites may be present, including swarms of winged insects around windows and doors, piles of wings on sills beneath these areas, damage to wood surfaces both inside and outside your property (including mud tubes), etc. Suppose you see any signs like these at all it is essential to call a termite treatment Brisbane expert immediately so they can check out what exactly is going on at your premises—whether or not there are active colonies present.

4. Bed bug Control in Summer

These insects invade homes when your house is near where they used to live or when their food source, such as your pets and beds, are present inside the house.

Bed bug control in summer involves cleaning and looking for any signs of an infestation. These insects can survive up to one year without feeding, hiding in cracks and crevices during the daytime and coming out at night to look for blood meals from humans or animals.

Protection Tips

Keep Your Property Clean: Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping are not enough to prevent bed bugs from infesting your home. You must keep on top of any clutter around the house as this can provide an excellent hiding place for these pests—and you should clean up all food scraps that may attract them too.

Use Mattress Covers: Make sure that your mattress is protected with a cover designed specifically to block out bedbugs so they cannot climb onto it at night.

Treatment of Infested Areas: Once you have identified areas where there may be nests or other signs of activity, it is time to call in pest management professionals who will use chemicals approved by EPA for controlling these pests. You can find them online by searching for “bed bug exterminator near me” on Googe.


The most important things that homeowners need to know about pest management in summer are how to protect themselves against these pests and what actions they can take if an infestation occurs on their property without delay.

By following these tips, everyone can enjoy their time outdoors during the summer months.

If you’d like us to help out with your bed bugs pest control near me, termite pest control Brisbane gives us a call today.