Pest Control Services for Pre and Post Construction

There are different pest control services that have been providing bespoke pest control services in different parts of Australia. These companies provide affordable inspection treating each site uniquely and giving a specific treatment plan according to requirement and area. Among them there are a few Pest Control Melbourne service providers who apart from providing domestic pest control treatment also provide pre and post anti termite treatment services. 

Dangers from Termite infestation

Termites are pests that cannot be ignored and if left untreated can damage all wooden frameworks of windows, doors apart from furniture and any wooden article.  Usually treatment is done once they have already infested but some clients do a pre construction termite control treatment at the time of construction. While the damage to human health is usually mild they might give rise to some allergic reactions or breathing difficulty. Basically termites thrive in any environment that has moisture and some worth. So to prevent such occurrences, advance book Pest Control Wollert service specialists. 

Treatment typically involves chemical processes done in masonry, wood, soil and electrical fittings to safeguard building from attack of subterranean termites both pre and post construction. Obviously these are complex procedures and require intervention of experts.

Procedures involved in Pre Construction Termite Treatment

This treatment involves treating that soil layer that is in closest contact with the building’s foundation and chemically treating the top and side layers of the foundation channel and the floor structure. But one has to opt for specialist Pest Control Windsor service providers. Procedures may involve-

  • Anti termite chemical application (at an approximate height of about 35cm  @of 5 liters /sq meter) at sides and bottom surface of foundation channels , for foundation excavation. 
  • Freeing earth surface for the flooring from any rubbish or wooden particles.
  • Cleaning and leveling the whole area or surface to required elevation.
  • Roughly at each 15cm interval 30cm depth holes are made.
  • Through pouring canisters emulsion of appropriate concentration of chemicals are poured. Sprayers and pressure pumps may also be used to apply emulsion.
  • Emulsion is allowed to be left for complete soaking

It would be prudent for property developers to invest in such treatment before the construction is complete by calling expert Pest Control Wollert services.

 How you benefit by Pre Construction Termite Treatment

  •  Costs for pre construction treatment is cheaper compared to after construction treatment
  •  Lesser barriers in treatment in the pre construction stage when compared to post treatment due to walls that pose as obstacles in post construction cases. So access is easier in pre construction phase
  •  Prevents property damage: Pre construction pest control treatment ensures damage prevention whereas  but in post construction requests pour in when termites have caused considerable damage

Procedures involved in Post Construction Termite Treatment

  • Pest Control Windsor service providers does a property inspection and locate areas of termite attack
  • Tine holes are drilled in areas of infestation and chemicals are injected inside the holes
  • The holes are filled and left for chemicals to be well soaked
  • Holes are sealed with white cement or wax 
  • For stubborn infestation insecticide are sprayed on wood surface of infested area or wood

 How you benefit by Post Construction Termite Treatment

  •  You get protection from all termite infested surfaces
  •  This effect can be long lasting if done at regular intervals 
  •  Usually most professional pest control providers for termite treatment abide by safety instructions laid by industry
  •  All workers are well inducted before execution starts 

While both the treatment process is useful for prevention of unnecessary issues, pre construction treatment ensures complete protection, costs less and is very effective. So before you launch your building plans reach out to a professional teamwork like Pest Control Wollert.

Obvious signs of Termite attack

1.     Blisters in places and buckling of wooden floors-Termites attack softer wood of subfloors and this might discolor the look of floor or give it a wavy surface.

2.     Damaged wood that becomes hollow- Behind floor and wall surfaces wood damage is found, termites start attacking from inside and move to exterior and so tough to spot and while inside attack and cause wood to get hollow. Sure signs are when you tap the walls they sound empty. They cause groves as they chew at the cellulose. The grooves look like a maze or honeycomb inside your wall.

3.     Flying termites or swarmers-These termites separate from their colony and fly to find new mates to set up new colonies and this is a seasonal practice and if you notice this be prepared to call in assistance of expert Pest Control Windsor service providers. 

4.     Wings discarded—Discarded wings around closed doors and windows are a sure sign of termite presence in your premises and are the easiest to spot if they occur. 

5.     When doors and windows look jammed-The damage done by termite makes the windows and doors tough to open.

6.      Presence of mud tubes-These are small nests that termites build as they require certain moisture and temperature content. 

7.     Musty and moldy smells-If you get a strong moldy scent, you should know termites are around. 

8.     Buckled support beams, dipping ceilings-Termites cause harm to structural portions of buildings and eat through beams, causing them to collapse.

9.     Loosen tiles- When termites attack floors or subfloors, this causes tiles to get loosened and this might cause accidents when people step over them. 

10.   Termite droppings- Frass or termite droppings are a sure sign of termite infestation. These are difficult to initially spot as they are dry, flaky and appear as wood dust. Termites chew on wood, digest and throw droppings out of mud tubes to make space for themselves. 

Of all the pests that invade or infest our homes the problems arising out of termites are no casual matter as apart from minor health issues they can cause immense property risks and this if not attended can incur huge expenses later on. By having prior knowledge of detecting their presence can go a long way in involving professional experts without whom eradication would not be possible. Many builders and homeowners realize this and do the treatment at the pre construction phase. 

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