Perth Travel Guide – Spend Quality Time around Perth

Traveling is one of those activities that bring in several health benefits and reduce stress and anxiety. Traveling exposes you to new places and different things, and it improves physical health. It is essential to explore unseen spots whenever you get some free time. But before you decide to go to a specific city or place, it is crucial to have some information about the particular place you are visiting.

Suppose that you are planning to explore Australia. Before I’d say anything about Australia, let me tell you that United Nations has declared Australia the second-best country in the world to live in.

Ask any friend or a family member who really knows Australia. He would recommend exploring Western Australia. Or, you can consult a good Maxi Taxi in Perth service to arrange a perfect travel tour in Perth.

So today, I’ll share essential things regarding Perth travel, and you will learn why Perth is one of the best cities to travel to in Western Australia.

Perth Travel Guide – Places to Visit Around Perth

1- Visit Joondalup

From Perth’s central business district, Joondalup is 26 Kilometers away. It’s a suburb of Perth. Joondalup is a great place to visit around Perth. You will find beautiful lakes, beaches, and nature trails in Joondalup. In short, if you love natural attractions Joondalup is one of the best places around Perth.

You can book a taxi and visit Joondalup Lake that is in Yellagonga Regional Park. You can enjoy the birdlife around the lake and might get a chance of meeting friendly kangaroos.

Moreover, if you are traveling with family, coincide your visit with the Joondalup Festival that takes place in the month of March. At the festival, you can find a lot of entertainment and fun for your family and kids. You can enjoy circus shows, buskers, sports and many other activities at the festival.

2- Don’t Miss Duncraig

It is a northern suburb of Perth. Duncraig is 15 kilometers away from Perth’s central business district. Scarborough Beach, Optus Stadium, and Hillarys Boat Harbour are a few of the top places that should be a part of your trip. Apart from this, you can also enjoy Perth Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour.

It will not cost you too much as it is just $30 per adult. Almost, every traveler can avail of this service and if you are traveling with a disabled person you can avail yourself Wheelchair accessible transportation.

If you want to stay for a night at Duncraig, Greenwood hotel and The Breakwater are on the top of my list. I’ve been there a few times, although the service was a little bit slow the overall atmosphere was nice.

3- Explore Butler

Butler is 40 kilometers away from Perth’s central business district and it is an outer suburb of Perth. Aubrey’s Dubbs Dred Golf Course and The Hull Plan Lake are top tourist attractions in Butler. Besides this, you will find several good restaurants in Butler. You can taste traditional and continental food at economical rates.

Final Thoughts

So now you have all the important information regarding how to spend your vacations around Perth. Keep the above-mentioned places in the mind and enjoy your trip with family or friends.

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