Perth Reticulation Services | Smart Retic Controller

Water is a valuable and precious element. Most of us take it lightly despite the fact that we use it every day for essential tasks like hydration, cleanliness, and irrigation. We may be guilty of believing that there is always sufficient water, but did you realise that just 1% of the water on the planet is usable?

Serious problems like climate change and population increase will seriously endanger its availability, especially by increasing the demand for fresh, clean water and decreasing the available supply. Therefore, it is more important than ever for all of us to minimise our water consumption to prevent water waste.


How to Reduce Outside Water Use

Using a wi-fi retic controller is one of the best ways to reduce water waste outside. Its use can be combined with other water-saving advice for a more eco-friendly configuration that reduces water use and waste.

Water usage can be restricted by the retic controller, which automatically stops you from utilising too much water in one go. You can measure water use extremely accurately with the reticulation controller, ensuring that you don’t send out more water than you intended to. That’s a fantastic method to reduce the water bill and contribute to environmental protection.


How Reticulation Controller Work


A rain sensor connected to your wifi can be connected to a wi-fi retic controller. Therefore, as soon as the sensor detects rain, the irrigation controller will be alerted to stop watering your garden. You may limit the quantity of water you use on your lawn and avoid overwatering by doing so. This will benefit both the environment and your plants, as water can be proven to be harmful to some of the more delicate ones.

Having your controller keep an eye on weather reports can also help it control how much water you release each day. For instance, the controller will reduce or stop watering earlier in the day if rain is forecast for later in the day. Water is wasted incredibly little this way. Even when travelling, you can utilise this technology. The controller may be controlled from either a phone or a tablet when you are located anywhere in the world thanks to the wi-fi signal it transmits.

Does It Really Help?

A reticulation controller will, in fact, enable you to maintain your garden from anywhere in the world thanks to Wi-Fi technology. You can easily monitor and manage your water usage by connecting to the app via your smartphone or tablet. This provides you with peace of mind that your garden is being cared for and that you are saving water, regardless of whether you’re at home, at work, or just relaxing on a beach lounger.

Benefits of Reticulation Controller

Why should you install a wi-fi remote control in your house? Installing a reticulation controller in your home has a lot of benefits. A reticulation controller offers numerous benefits over manual watering in terms of time and labour savings. Furthermore, it allows you to save money on your water bill by constantly avoiding overwatering and lowering water waste.

Other benefits may include:

  • prevents the waste of water
  • reduces water use
  • reduces the cost of your water bill
  • keeps the environment safe.
  • prevents fragile plants from getting too much water
  • automatically adjusts water use according to the weather
  • anywhere in the country can utilise it

Reticulation controllers provide you with complete control over your water usage, the capacity to maintain and nurture your home and garden wherever you are around the globe, and a number of programmes and settings to pick from.

Perth reticulation services can help you reduce water waste and safeguard the environment because of its innovative and easy features. You may also set your irrigation controller to permanently turn off on certain days so that it won’t water when you have maintenance workers, events, or visitors on your property.


How to Install a Reticulation Controller

Reticulation controller installation is quick and simple. It gives you crucial garden protection and peace of mind, allowing you to look after your property and feel good about your contribution to environmental protection.

Reticulation controllers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and may be installed by trained electricians. In fact, speak with a professional to go over your needs if you’re thinking of installing a reticulation controller or are still unsure if it’s necessary for your specific situation.

Can You Install Retic Controllers Yourself?

The complexity of smart irrigation controls varies. Most homeowners can complete installation with just a little basic electrical knowledge and three hours. As a result, if you are unfamiliar with retic controllers, it is advised that you leave it to the experts. Please make sure they are licensed, insured, and bonded if you decide to hire someone to install the controller.