Personalized Jewelry Gifts for Beloved

Nothing could be more enchanting and delightful than receiving a gift from your loved one that has specially been designed for you. Its one of the finest and deeply satisfying way of expressing your fondness with your beloved one. Koala print is providing you with this great and appreciating opportunity to promote this trend of making your beloved ones happy by sending them such personalized gifts. Here we are about to review some of the jewelry items!

Personalized couple rose ring

let’s make our memory even more enchanting by keeping our memorable moments safer that will never diminish with time. This artistic costume memory projection personalized ring gift would be a sign of you and your partner’s eternal love and attachment. Design your personalized projection rose ring and wear it with your partner and enjoy the charm of being enclosed in such engraved content. Imagine how adorable it would be when you see the beads with your engraved photos together under the camera flash. It is an ideal gift for your partner that expresses your unlimited love for her in a small-sized bead, petite gift for a petite girl! This unusual gift to your lover will surely increase the love between you two. Try this elegant piece with a unique idea to code your memories and enlighten them every moment you want.

Personalized fingerprint engagement rings

Imagine how charming it would be when the fate cues printed on your hands are carved onto the symbol of affection you both share! In addition, this costume matching ring pair will make your memory surprisingly charming. This distinct but gorgeous piece of jewelry by Koala Prints has been specially designed for you to put on the photo of your fingerprints and remind your delightful time.  The delicate design of specialized name rings is suitable for such occasions as engagement to put the ring on and enjoy your happy time. This personalized gift is a different way of letting your partner know how much precious she is to you. This could be a wonderful gift for your friend’s family or relatives on their engagement.

So go, grab this classy piece for your engagement and make this one of the very special moments of your life more precious.

Personalized projection necklace

It’s a story of infinite romance, yes, it’s about the sun and moon. The sun and moon projection reflect the story of two lovers as they both make sacrifices by drowning themselves to show the beauty of others. It’s a symbol that as they sacrifice in each other love and part their time for each other, you and your lover are as loyal with one another. They both cover each other’s flaws and come up with a combined perfection, so as you and your partner promising to embrace each other by covering other imperfections and shine with their ultimate potential. Nothing could be more beautiful than seeing a partner more luminous stronger and brighter like the sun and the other partners as more romantic and more glowing as the moon. You can put this strong relationship of love in the beads and see it in the projection whenever you flash the camera light over the beads to see the content.  This masterpiece by Koala Prints has been designed to reflect this beautiful thought for lovers that” the sun dies at night to let the moon breath and in return, she reflects his love at night”