Personal Finance Tips To Start Investing

Personal Finance Tips To Start Investing

Investing is the best way of making more money while doing almost nothing. In essence, when you invest, you make your money do all the work and earn returns for you. Traditionally the domain of expert brokers, the existence of the internet has now made it possible for any interested person to invest. Here are a few personal finance tips to consider on your journey to becoming an investor.

Clear all debts

Most people today have one form of debt or another. If you’re deep in debt it’ll be difficult to save any money let alone enough money to invest with. As soon as you make the decision to start investing, prioritize clearing or drastically reducing all debts. Allocate a certain percentage of your monthly income to servicing debt and be diligent in keeping to it. By the time all debts are cleared you’d already be used to the idea of setting a given amount of money aside for special purposes.

Discipline Yourself

After clearing debts, open a savings account with a good interest rate and continue paying the same debt-servicing percentage of your income into this account. Ditch the credit cards and set yourself a strict daily budget, never buying anything you don’t need. Allocate a decent percentage of your income to miscellaneous spending so that you’re not denying yourself too much or get tempted to dip into your savings allowance. Increase your savings with every wage raise.

How to invest

Naturally, your choice of investment should be informed by your savings. One way to do this is to research investment options, settle on your most preferred and then save specifically towards that. Another way is to save for a specific length of time then research investment options that align with what you’ve been able to save in that period. Since your savings are probably relatively meager either way, it’s advisable to choose the safest investments with reasonable returns.


In recent years, finance current events tend to heavily feature cryptocurrencies. In fact, many experts increasingly view cryptocurrencies as an alternative that might possibly replace heavyweights like the dollar or euro in global finance. This new system, though more erratic than other regular options, is still relatively safe and offers potentially significant returns. As a beginner however, it’s important to do a thorough research before choosing which particular cryptocurrency to invest in as there are now close to a dozen different ones with varying degrees of volatility.

Mutual funds

Investing in a mutual fund means your money and that of other investors is collectively used to invest in bonds and stocks. Although this is safer than picking stocks yourself due to the presence of a fund manager, research is still needed in order to determine which fund is most suited to your personal finance goals.

Self-control is probably the most important attribute in a budding investor, regardless of how you choose to invest. It’s necessary for those just starting out to manage expectations and not approach investment as speculators, simply jumping on the most attractive trends. Start with a small amount of money and track your progress meticulously until you gain a firm understanding of how it all works.