Personal Development Skills Essential in Everyday Life

Guest Post by Roger Abert, Digital Account Manager at The SEO ProHub UK

Most people believe that personal development is something you’re taught at home or school, but that isn’t totally true. Your response to life situations teaches you more than anything else. Personal development is a lifelong process; it is a way for people to assess their qualities and skills, which helps them determine their long-term goals while maximizing their potential.

Personal development is the journey that leads you to a happy and healthy state of being. It assists in developing your personality in a way that even makes people around you happy. So, if you want to achieve a renewed and revitalized self, you must work on personal development skills.

Living by your goals

First things first. Have you heard the saying “what gets measured gets done”? That is 100% true when it comes to ‘life goals’. It almost always starts with your life goal or philosophy. What’s important is whether you have consicously thought about one or are being unconsicously driven by it!

If your life goals are still unwritten, then the odds are high that they may not convert into an action plan. Age will continue to fly like a number and slowly but surely you will start comparing yourself with your network of people and begin to be a victim of excuses which you wouldn’t know that you are making. With each excuse coming out of you, your belief on its reality will start concretizing and so will be your reality. Do not let this happen to you.

Many people lose steam mid-way just because they did not make a plan. In long stretches of adversity, they simply lose the direction because their sail was never aligned to the goal. They sell themselves short of their true potential.

Purposeful learning

I want you to think about what really drives you. What is that activity that when you are at it, you do not think of anything else. That is your niche. Find that niche where you are operating at your highest level naturally. It could be music, arts, athletics, selling, trading, speaking anything.

What is that one thing that you do best?

For some, the answer comes immediately but if you do not know yet, then think about the activities you enjoy doing and are able to do for long periods of time without feeling the need to even take a break. Did you hear me say Gaming?J

After thinking for a while, you will certainly come up with that one thing you do best. Once you figure that out, it is not necessary that would be it. With age and experience, your interests may shift and that is part of maturation process. We are not talking about that now.

With one thing that really interests you for now, try to google and research a bit more on that interest. Your most important work would be to understand your interest at a deeper and higher level.

When I say deeper, I mean the ‘how to’ part of getting better at it. Higher means, how that activity connects you to the world. This will definitely take time and effort but you wouldn’t mind that because you are only trying to figure more on your area of interest. Now you have to plan and how you plan is important.

Setting your plan

Your Plan holds the power to determine your destiny.

Your plan at this stage could be in any form or shape viz. creating your online business, you tube channel, pod cast, writing a book, speaking events, anything. Write it down even if it is hazy.

  1. Write down what truly drives you.
  2. What would you have to do to develop expertise on your area of interest? Note down all that you researched. Related Books, You tube content, blogs.
  3. Figure out when is the best time in a day to work on your interest? And for how long in a day you will work on it?
  4. Identify, what can potentially derail you from your workflow. Make a list of potential causes and try to figure how you can eliminate or at least mitigate their effects?

If you start thinking this way and take the right actions, your goals will help in increasing your personal power and competence which will have direct and indirect impact on your relationships and circle of influence.