Personal banking services: How does a mobile banking app help you?

The increase in the number of online and mobile banking users has made mobile banking apps one of the most sought-after apps online. More and more people depend on the Internet banking system today owing to easy accessibility and instant processing of financial transactions. The online banking eliminates the need of visiting the bank or standing in a queue for customers. Using the personal internet banking facility, customers can deal with money matters online from the comforts of their place.

IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile banking app is the most convenient tool to access and manage your bank account using various personal banking features such as:

Opening a bank account

With a bank account, you can meet your individual needs. The savings or current account opening procedure is quite easy online. All you are required to do is to check your eligibility, fill out your personal details on a bank account opening form, submit it, along with the necessary documents like PAN card, Aadhaar card, tax registration details (for current account), and complete the KYC verification. If you are a customer of IDFC FIRST Bank, you can open a free bank account instantly. For instance, you can apply for a bank account online to open any savings bank accounts like:

  • Corporate Salary Account
  • Senior Citizen Savings Account
  • Minor’s Savings Account
  • FIRST Power Savings Account
  • NRI Savings Account
  • Future FIRST Savings Account
  • Health FIRST Savings Account
  • Vishesh Savings Account
  • Pratham Savings Account
  • Honour FIRST Defence Account

Monitoring your account

With this personal banking app, you can link all your bank accounts and view them from one place. This will help track balances and manage all the accounts easily. For instance, IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app offers smart filters to view transactions on the account statement based on the category, name or mode of payment. In addition, you can also transfer money to any account or pay bills from any of your bank account.

Offering easy access to several functions:  A banking app offers the best personal Internet banking experience through easy access to a number of functions. You can open fixed deposits, set up bill payments, invest in mutual funds, gold bonds, unit-linked insurance plans, and so on. Furthermore, you can contact and interact with the customer service center of IDFC FIRST Bank anytime for any issues. With this, you can solve the issues or get immediate answers to your queries. You can also have a complete overview of your personal financial charts, expenses, financial dealings, and so on.

Applying for a personal loan: One among the best features of the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app is you can apply for 100% paperless instant loan to meet any financial emergency. Other than a personal loan, you can also apply for loans to purchase a car or motorcycle, to buy home appliances and for home renovation. For the purpose, you don’t need any collateral and undergo only minimal documentation.

Manage and grow your money with multiple investment options: With the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app, you have multiple investment options in equity, gold bonds, and unit-linked insurance plans.

A mobile banking app has revolutionized the personal banking sector, and has become an unavoidable financial companion to a person today.