Perks of acquiring analytics skills

Today one of the most lucrative and rewarding career fields is the field of data analytics. Every industry needs to embrace data science in-order to keep up with the fourth industrial revolution and every company needs to leverage data in-order to stay competitive in the age of aggressive digitization!

As a result, the demand for data analysts, data scientists and business analytics experts has soared through the roof. Moreover, in a country like India which wants to capitalize on its digital industry and turn the country into an analytics hub, the demand is very high. Lucrative pay packages and possibility of boundless growth makes the field very attractive and you must consider building you career in such a field. However, for becoming an ace data analyst you must acquire the in-demand and hot skills.

Top skills in data analytics

The field of data analytics does not have any such prerequisite and is one of the most flexible out there. Even if you do not belong to the STEM background and even if you are presently working in a profession with no link to analytics, yet with the help of a data analytics training course or a Business analytics certification course you can acquire the necessary skills and excel.

However, the following soft skills will help you immensely:

  • Communication skills

  • Creativity and the ability to innovate

  • Flair of solving problems

  • Ability to visualize data

  • A keen business acumen

On top of that some technical skills like:

  • Proficiency in Python or R
    Python is the most popular programming language in the world of analytics as it is easy to learn and use. Moreover, Python also provides a host of libraries tailormade for performing data analytics operations. Thus, mastering Python can give you a great advantage.
    Similarly R is another popular statistical programming language which is although hard to master yet very useful for performing advanced analytics.

  • GUI based analytics tools
    Not comfortable with programming? Or don’t have any previous experience in coding? Don’t worry. There are popular GUI based tools with simple drag and drop features which are highly popular and acquiring proficiency on those will definitely enable you to seek a good job. Such tools like SAS and Tableau are preferred by many firms as they save time and provide round the clock data security and customer support. These are much flexible premium software platforms which are used by top companies for easy and quick data analytics. In Business ana
    lytics particular experts on such tools are much sought after and highly paid too! Thus, with a Business analytics certification you can easily land on great jobs.

Perks of a career in Business analytics in India
By acquiring all the necessary skills you can easily build a successful career in Data analytics in India and enjoy the following perks:

  • As a business analyst earn Rs 6 lac per annum at an average which will only increase with experience!

  • Enjoy a great job security

  • Get hired by industry leaders such as Google, Zomato, Amazon, Fractal analytics and Accenture!