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Nowadays, the hajj has become very affordable and comfortable with cheap hajj packages. Several companies are offering such packages with different facilities & services that are different in prices according to the type of package. When you go to the hajj you don’t think about money. Because hajj is the holiest duty of Muslims that every Muslim wants to perform but a few get the chance. So if you are going to perform hajj this year then congratulations to you.

Hajj is the largest pilgrimage of Muslims towards Mecca which is the holiest city of Muslims located in Saudi Arabia. Millions of Muslims perform hajj every year in the Islamic month of Zil-hajj. In the US there are thousands of Muslims that use to go to Mecca to perform hajj. Therefore, the demand for the travel & tour companies is very high that offer different hajj packages. When you go to hajj without having a package of hajj you have to manage everything yourselves which is quite difficult and hectic.

How would be the experience of hajj without hajj packages?

There is no doubt, that performing the hajj is the most beautiful and satisfying feeling in the world for the Muslims. But besides that, it is a very lengthy and hectic process that starts from your home and goes through airports, transportations, accommodations, performing the hajj, traveling to & from medina, and then back to the US through the airport. This is a very long journey which firstly requires a Visa. Without Visa, you cannot go to Mecca and perform hajj. If you have no experience of performing hajj then it would be very difficult to complete your hajj easily and correctly.

You have to book your ticket yourselves, get transport to & from the airports, book a suitable hotel for you to have comfortable accommodation, and then perform hajj yourselves. If you want to make this experience comfortable, easier, affordable, and stress-free then you need to get hajj packages USA.

What does the cheap hajj packages include?

  • Visa & air tickets
  • Transportation facility throughout the journey
  • Suitable accommodation in Mecca & Medina
  • Visit Islamic historical places

Visa & air tickets:

These are the basic requirements of Hajj for the international pilgrims. When you get a hajj package from a travel & tour company you get the visa and the air ticket booking in it. If you don’t have the Visa of Saudi Arabia then you can ask the company to include it in the package. The Air tickets are also booked for you within the package.

Transportation facility throughout the journey:

Transport is required in each stage of the journey. Whether you are traveling from the airport to Mecca, Mecca to medina, or visit the holly historical places of Islam. The cheap Umrah packages and hajj packages also include the transportation facility.

Suitable accommodation in Mecca & Medina:

You need a suitable and comfortable accommodation in Mecca & medina when you go for hajj or Umrah. Hajj & Umrah are completed in Mecca however, the international pilgrims also visit Medina where the Roza e Rasool (PBUH) is situated. Therefore, they need accommodation in Medina too.

Visit Islamic historical places:

When the Muslims go to perform hajj from all over the world they try to visit maximum holy places of Islamic history. It is called Ziarat. The cheap hajj packages 2020 also include the Ziarat of different & important locations where most of the pilgrims use to go. So if you want to get all of these facilities in one package then there is no better option than a hajj package for you. Contact a reliable travel & tour company and choose your favorite package.