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Online Court Marriage in Lahore:

If you need services of court marriage in Lahore or online marriage in Lahore, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. The Procedure of Online Marriage in Lahore & Court Marriage in Lahore Pakistan is very simple and easy for citizen of Pakistan. The argument that the Divorce Act, 1869 specifically provided the Civil Court as a forum for determining disputes was misconceived because West Pakistan Family Courts Act, 1964 was not in conflict with either power of the Civil Court or the procedure laid down in C.P.C for court marriage in Lahore or online marriage in Lahore.

Speedy Mechanism:

Rather it had given a separate forum for early disposal and speedy mechanism to adjudicate the matrimonial disputes. Present petition related to the dissolution of Marriage under S.22 of the Divorce Act, 1869, and unlike S.10, it did not provide restriction of the forum. In the Christian faith, though wedlock was a bond of permanent nature, yet in the matter of judicial separation, Court was required to determine the controversy according to S.22 of the Divorce Act, 1869.

Relationship Between Party:

While deciding the relationship of the parties, its status was to be seen in its entirety. Under S.22 of the Divorce Act 1869, deserting a spouse for two years without reasonable excuse was a valid ground for a grant of decree for judicial separation after court marriage in Lahore or online marriage in Lahore. The present case admitted the position from both sides that the petitioner (wife) had left the respondent’s house (husband) on 22-11-2011. Since then, there was no cohabitation between the parties while the cruelty of desertion existed. Serious allegations regarding illicit relations of wife with other men were sufficient proof of mental torture and cruelty against wife by the husband. Petition for judicial separation was decreed based on cruelty and admitted desertion of the spouses for more than two years without any reasonable excuse after court marriage in Lahore or online marriage in Lahore. It made out a case of cruelty and mental torture from the nature of allegations and admissions made by the respondent.

Online Marriage in Pakistan:

Trial Court and Appellate Court judgments on court marriage in Lahore or online marriage in Lahore were based on misreading and non-reading of evidence, therefore, not sustainable. The remedy of civil revision was illusionary. The same had not been specifically provided in the Divorce Act, 1869, while it had provided the only remedy of appeal in S.55 of Divorce Act, 1869. The High Court could exercise constitutional remedy only in exceptional circumstances where no alternate remedy was available for court marriage in Lahore or online marriage in Lahore.

Natural Dispute:

Still, at the same time, it could ignore neither nature of dispute nor the efficaciousness of alternate remedy out rightly. Present was a matter of continuation of marital relationship, and the alternate remedy referred to had not been directly provided in the Divorce Act, 1869, and the limitation period had lapsed. Therefore, the objection regarding the maintainability of the constitutional petition was held to be untenable for court marriage in Lahore or online marriage in Lahore.


Suit for recovery of maintenance allowance (alimony) for wife and minor was decreed concurrently. The husband’s contention (petitioner) was that Trial Court had no jurisdiction in the matter, and the courts below had not considered evidence in its true perspective.