Perfect Pollucon Services – Redefining the Environmental Services

In today’s modern era, the ease of doing business policies has witnessed a rise in industrialization and development projects. Although this approach is positive from an economic perspective, it can prove to be hazardous to the environment if not executed in a proper manner. Thus, policies put in place have been made more stringent than ever, paving the way for the environmental consulting market to grow. Moreover, the recent “Make in India’ initiative is encouraging the reduction of imports, promoting the availability of skilled labor, digitization, and startup culture, further driving this market’s growth. When on-boarding an environmental consulting services provider, clients expect the completion of the environmental consulting projects without any hiccups within the pre-defined timelines. Ensuring the cost of the project fits within the allocated budget is another top priority.

Perfect Pollucon Services, headquartered in Maharashtra, is perfectly poised as one of the leading environmental monitoring services provider for Indoor & Ambient Air Quality Testing, Stack Testing & Environmental Monitoring. The company’s team of experts are well trained to carry out monitoring activities at an expert level within the predefined timelines. “Perfect Pollucon Services has positioned itself to provide a faster response to any queries from clients or government officials. We provide high-quality services at affordable rates. We believe that faster response at affordable rates is the key to sustain in any kind of business and that is what defines us. Due to this positioning, we have with us some of the major clients for more than a decade,” says Tanaji Gajare, Managing Director at Perfect Pollucon Services with well over 30 years of experience in environmental monitoring.

Customer-centric Approach

Perfect Pollucon Services takes pride in having catered to more than 400 well-renowned clients across India since its inception. The company possesses a very diverse client base, ranging from MNC to small startups hailing from a broad range of industries. Continually keeping up with this evolving market, Perfect Pollucon Services trains its employees, keeping them apprised with the latest federal rules and regulations from environmental agencies along with maintaining the industrial equipment. The equipment is well-calibrated to achieve maximum accuracy. “We have set stringent quality check procedures at every step of the environmental monitoring process to maintain strict quality standards,” informs Tanaji. Despite the pandemic, the company has soldiered on by going completely digital wherever possible in order to maintain relevancy within the market. The focus of the company’s Environmental Consulting services will be completely customer-centric. “With the onset of Covid19, our company had taken a measured approach to safeguard our employees, mitigate financial and operational exposure. But now things are slowly changing back to normal. We had completely shut down some of the operations like collecting samples from client premises during the pandemic. Now, wherever possible, we have gone completely digital,” explains Tanaji.

Dedicated toward achieving complete customer satisfaction, the company adheres to all guidelines defined by CPCB and International WHO and EPA to carry out every single Environmental Monitoring Activity. Now, with several organizations, SMBs and large-scale enterprises alike, are attaining increased awareness about the health of its employees on the office premises, the company assists them in measuring the harmful pollutants that may be present within the office or the office premises. Once the pollutant is detected, the team at Perfect Pollucon Services then designs and develops a strategic plan to overcome the challenges.

Setting the Course for the Future

With a strong foothold in this sector, the company intends to continue to deliver value-added services across the spectrum of industry verticals. A linchpin of this domain, the company aims to expand its reach and availability of services across the whole of Maharashtra in the near future. Tanaji adds, “Since the challenging period is almost over, in coming years, our main focus would be to drive growth and increase market share while not compromising on our quality of the service.”

Tanaji Gajare, Managing Director, Perfect Pollucon Services, Offering Top-notch Environmental Services

With a team of technically adept professionals under its wing, Perfect Pollucon Services’ specialty lies in addressing a host of environmental pollution-related issues. Incepted in 2007, the company offers a comprehensive suite of Environmental Consultancy Services and Environmental Monitoring Services. Environmental Impact Assessment Study,Air Pollution Monitoring, Preparations of Environmental Statement, Renewal of Consent and CESS returns regarding water consumption are some of the processes offered by Environmental Consultancy Services. Simultaneously, the Environmental Monitoring Services include Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Ambient Air Quality Monitoring, Stack Emission Monitoring, Noise Level Measurement, Light Assessment Survey, Wastewater or drinking water sampling and analysis, Soil testing and analysis, and Workplace Monitoring.