Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana – There’s More You Need to Know

Medical marijuana divides opinion amongst many but is a growing presence across the United States. Legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes has become common in some states, in addition to the medical provision they have in place. Despite the increase in its use, the disparity remains due to the conflicting options throughout America. Medical marijuana cards must be medically prescribed and cannot just be bought and sold freely, of course, but to clarify a few important aspects of the topic, we have put together this guide on medical marijuana Pennsylvania conditions to educate the folks that want to abide within the laws and not get into any bother.

Registration Process

The Pennsylvania registry website allows you to register yourself for medical marijuana online in a quick and straightforward manner. After registration, the next step is to get certified, which needs to be done by a qualified physician who will assess your case for medical marijuana. If you fit the criteria, then they will sort the application and certification for you.

Become A Caregiver For A New Patient

A minor, a person who requires in-home support, or a person with a disability will not get an ID card of their own or visit a dispensary if they are not registered. These patients need to nominate a designated caregiver who will be registered on their behalf to attend the facility to collect the medical marijuana. 

There is an ‘authorization to designate a third-party caregiver’ form, which can be downloaded from the caregiver’s profile in the Patient and Caregiver Registry. Once completed, you can upload the form to your caregiver profile. This is only necessary for caregivers who are not spouses, parents, or legal guardians of the applying patient.

Certification Process

Convincing the physician that you need the treatment and that you qualify for medical marijuana is a big step. It will help if you have already been diagnosed with one or more of Pennsylvania’s qualifying conditions, as you will be eligible straight away without further assessment. The diseases and disorders on the list are fairly comprehensive, but it is recommended to check before you attend your certification appointment. 

Medical Cannabis Is Not Cheap

After a successful assessment and both registration and certification are complete, great news you can now get your medical marijuana. On the flip side, you will be about to discover the actual cost of your new treatment. In Pennsylvania, the prices of cannabis are significantly higher than in other states. So the annual registration fee on top of paying for each collection from the dispensary means that the treatment cost soon mounts up. Many patients will say that the money is worth it because of the pain relief that accompanies it; however, if you are short on cash and needed to fit the medical marijuana into a tight budget, you could struggle in Pennsylvania. For many patients, the positives will outweigh the negatives in this context, but it is worth assessing the financial side of things before beginning the application process just to be sure.


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