Penetration Testing Highlights Grey Areas that Automated Scans Could Skip

There are many technical experts who stay updated with security news, where edge security and incident response are the most commonly used terms. But when it comes to penetration testing, we lose half of the audience. Only a small percentage of the population knows what it is and to let alone those who know how it is performed or its significant value to the security posture of an organization. It is recommended to hire a professional penetration testing company for businesses that consider security as their top priority. 

Some enterprises may also hire penetration testers to carry out pen-testing because it is required for a number of reasons. It is important to check their credentials since most professionals don’t understand the techniques involved in the activity. The client may not even engage actively to review and set parameters around what needs to be done, and then it comes to their surprise due to more rigorous techniques involved, especially if they cause a breakdown in the systems temporarily.

Penetration Testing Highlights Points that Automated Scans Could Miss

Penetration testing is a type of security testing that combines the techniques, tools, and processes that real threat actors would use if they attacked a business. In other words, real threat actors exploit vulnerability in your system to gain an initial loophole in a network and then leverages that to unfold other weaknesses. This type of testing is carried out to where exactly vulnerabilities lie in a system so that you can fix them before an actual threat can potentially attack it. A penetration testing company carries out this testing to secure business and it includes internal/ external networks, applications or combinations, as per client requirements. Penetration testing is more about vulnerability scans which include automated testing tools that scan ports, networks, and apps for weaknesses. Pen testers may leverage vulnerability scans as a tool but their job is much more comprehensive, as it does not only highlight technical issues, but they have a logical process that threat actors could use to break into systems to find vulnerabilities and identify points of failure which sometimes, an automated scan could miss.

Red Team Testing

Red team testing is also similar to penetration testing but it goes further than just a vulnerability scan. It includes social engineering techniques and physical security testing companies. Most of the organizations use phishing testing programs in order to keep their users aware of the security measures throughout the year. These programs also keep the users aware that their system can also be attacked.

Penetration testing is conducted for a single purpose, which is to protect a business by utilizing security professionals and their expertise to discover and fix vulnerabilities. Pen testers are helpful security professionals who are prepared to diagnose security issues and also walk their clients through their findings with recommendations on how to fill the security gaps. This is where a penetration testing company plays its role and safeguards businesses from being attacked by malicious hackers.

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