PECO:Creating a New Ecology for the Digital Age and Embarking on a New Era

Since the sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in March, the phenomenon of bank runs in the digital age has quickly attracted the attention of more practitioners in the digital asset trading industry. In the context of the trend towards the digitization of assets, equity, and securities, as well as the value equivalence of digital assets and stocks, these developments have become unstoppable trends in current business development and financial evolution, presenting important opportunities and challenges.

PECO(Peak Digital Finance Group), as a digital engine in the tech finance sector, relies on decades of glory and continues to increase investment in blockchain technology research and development. Through five years of blockchain technology research and practice, PECO has continuously integrated traditional finance with blockchain technology to create an eco-commercial loop that is secure, stable, and with broad application scenarios and extensive circulation space, winning the favor of people from all walks of life worldwide.

As a large-scale blockchain technology application initiative fully funded by CRC UK in London, PECO Peak Digital Finance Group has brought together 21 long-term, deeply cooperative, top-tier financial institutions from Europe and the United States, including Barclays Bank, Bank of the West, Demeli Securities, Omicron, JPMorgan Chase, AXA, BlackRock, CMC UK, City Index, National Westminster Group, Starling Bank, Brewin Dolphin, and Lloyds. Together, they are building the world’s first digital financial aggregation new ecology, transforming traditional finance and assets, achieving asset digitization, and digitizing securities into PECO equity tokens. By empowering blockchain technology with commercial applications and PECO tokens, traditional assets’ wealth appreciation space has been greatly enhanced, which solves the problem of limited value addition of traditional assets in capital markets, helps the industry break out of the “global capital winter” and “global financial trust crisis,” and maximizes the value of traditional asset wealth.

PECO Peak Digital Finance Group’s new ecology for the digital age is based on a strong CRA blockchain infrastructure ecology, which drives global financial, industrial, and commercial ecological aggregation innovation. It leads the way in realizing peak digital banking, digital foreign exchange, digital tokens, digital securities, digital insurance, digital funds, digital trusts, digital options, and digital quantification, with a strong blockchain infrastructure ecology guarantee, including CRA public chain, CRA browser, CRA wallet, PizzaSwap, CRA digital asset exchange, GameFi & SocialFi, NFT, CRA metaverse, ChatGPT online, etc. Through global asset mergers and acquisitions, industrial integration, and capital listing, PECO realizes the globalization, digitization, securitization, capitalization, and value equivalence of the peak digital financial system, building a PECO global partner community, a common cause community, and a common destiny community.

PECO always adheres to the platform vision of “creating consensus together and sharing value,” explores diversified development, and comprehensively empowers digital asset securitization and equity equivalence with “one certificate, multiple applications,””one certificate, multiple equity,” and “one certificate, multiple strategies,” using PECO’s unique token as a medium, and is compatible with USDT blockchain to transform traditional industries, realizing equity equivalence and creating a globally leading digital industry cluster ecosystem, and generating multiple wealth waves in the global capital market. In the future, PECO will firmly focus on the industrial intelligence innovation strategy, continue to deepen the field of digital finance, and maximize the economic, social, and global strategic value of PECO’s “one certificate, multiple strategies.”