Pearls Kingdom Sharjah- Things you should know

Want to visit the paradise on earth, here is an answer, the Pearls Kingdom Sharjah. A beautiful wonderland with exciting pirates, sunken treasures, magic carpets, massive palaces and many more. Here is everything you should know about this beautiful Kingdom.
About PearlsKingdomSharjah
It is one of the most beautiful places settled in AbuDhabi, a wonderland with exciting slides, shows, events and many more attractions. It is also ranked seventh for having thebest water parks in the world. A thrilling and breath-taking world is waiting for you along with its exciting slides, forgotten valleys, pirates costs, pirate’s den, the flying carpet, the fort and many more. Pearls Kingdom Sharjah also organises captivating eventsand shows where you can spend a beautiful night. Pearls Kingdom is an exciting place for food and beverages also. Here you easily find whatever you would love to eat, be it snacks, drinks or main course food. Chinese, Continental, Thai are inseparable parts of their cuisines.
Places to explore
Pearls Kingdom
is an exciting place full of amazing water parks and attractions. Discover your favourite water spots here with your family and friends. Let us cultivate some more facts about the raging water sports to discover here.
Forgotten valley
It is a beautiful place full of new wonders. Basically, it is a lost valley full of wonders, jewels, magic and treasure, however long forgotten. Many treasures have already made their way to find the lost treasure and exciting discoveries. It is a wonderful option for the kids.
Required height- 141+ cm
Pirates coast
It is a complete package for adventure for the kids where they bravely find the stolen precious pearls and hidden treasures. Apart from this, what most excites the children here is the thrill of heroically sliding amidst the rough water and daunting mountains. Give your little one excitement of finding the treasures and doing heroic works.
Required height- 121 cm to 140 cm
Pirate’s den
The next place to hold you breathe is the pirate’s den. Reach the top of the colossal enchanted castle and enjoy the breath-taking slide from there. It is one of the most appealing adventures that children love to do.
Required height- 121+ cm
The flying carpet
The most beautiful experience of the wonderland is of a magic flying carpet where you can talk with the air. Enjoy the amazing ride over the carpet with your family and friends.
Required height- 110-150 cm
The fort
One of the most luxurious and grandeur rides. As the name suggests, it drives you to the time of kings and queens and their captivating capital. Give your children a world full of wonders where they can discover a new thing at every moment.
Required height- 121+ cm
The king’s palace
An absolute breath-taking ride. Its length leaves people spellbound. It is the most exciting and entertaining ride over the wonderland to challenge your wit. It leaves you with the most wonderful memory from the waterpark. And the view of thePearls Kingdom from the top is sure to leave you spell bound.
Required height- 121+ cm
Sea of treasures
Sea of treasures is a wonderful place to explore where you can encounter the beauty of the depth and also have the task to find the lost treasure. It gives the feeling of a real treasure hunter where you need to reach the depth of the water, revealing the secrets of water and finding out the years of lost treasure.
Required height- 81-119 cm
The great oasis
A beautiful place to relax and simply find some peace of mind. The serenity of the oasis leaves youwiththe silence of the mind and heart. Also, it is surrounded by lush greenery to make you feel close to mother earth.
Required age- 18+
Kid’s sea
It is a form of the small sea for the little explorers where they can discover the beauty of the sea, the remains of an ancient ship and also to meet some amazing creatures of the sea.
Required height- 81-119 cm
Mystery river
The best place to make your little ones a little curious to unfold the mysteries hidden inside the river. A perfect place for those who wants to reveal the secrets of the secret tranquil river that is said to hide a giant pearl inside the water.
Required height- 80+ cm
How to reach?
According to TripAdvisor, Pearls Kingdom Sharjah is the 7th best waterpark in the world. Located not far from Dubai, AbuDhabi and North Emirates, you can easily reach here through bus, car, or public transportation. It would not take longer than 20 to 25 minutes from the Sharjah International airport and AbuDhabiInternational airport. However, due to covid-19, procedures may have changed, make sure to talk to the customer care of the place before planning your trip. The Park promises all safety measures and rules to make sure that you are safe at the place. Opening and closing time is 10 am and 7 pm.
Bottom line
One of the great places to explore, book your ticket to visit this wonderland today! Here were thethings you should know about Pearls Kingdom Sharjah.