Pearl Necklaces at Pearl Jewellery Online

When people think of Pearl Necklaces they typically imagine a classic pearl string, maybe Princess length, 17”, and with a 6-7mm round white pearl. However, the variety of styles of Pearl Necklace is far greater, and at Pearl Jewellery Online we believe in variety and fashion, as well as the classics.

In fact, all types of jewlery is available online these days, be it pearl or African jewelry, you can order anything online.

Baroque Pearls make a very personal necklace as each pearl is a unique irregular, asymmetric shape. Large Baroque Pearls in white, black, grey or a mix of pastel pearl colours create stunning statement necklaces, which are much more affordable than the equivalent sized round pearls, whereas smaller Baroque pearls lend themselves to the creation of beautiful multi-strand necklaces, which can be twisted to create a stylishly individual Pearl Necklace.

Station Necklaces are certainly in vogue, featuring a precious metal necklace chain with pearls ‘stationed’ (spaced) along the length, typically 5-8 pearls. These necklaces are sometimes also called Tin Cup necklaces, after the Pearl Station Necklace that Rene Russo wore in the Kevin Costner movie “Tin Cup”. More recently the style has been popularised by Mary Berry who frequently wears an elegant Gold Pearl Station Necklace on TV.

Ming Pearls, also known as Edison Pearls, are a relatively new innovation in pearl cultivation. Very , perfectly round pearls are extremely rare, and hence expensive. The secret to creating Edison Pearls is to add a bead to the oyster, which will then be coated with nacre and grown, like a conventional cultured pearl, but from a larger round starting point. The results is that Edison Pearl/Ming Pearl Necklaces are larger, rounder and more affordable than conventional cultured pearls, as well as having a superlative lustre. For this reason we love Ming Pearl Necklaces as they fit perfectly with the current fashion for bold, large beaded necklaces.

Long String Pearl Necklaces can be an extremely flexible fashion accessory. A rope length necklace, say 50”, can be worn in a range of styles and multi looped. Whereas Opera Length, for example 34”, pearl necklaces can be worn conventionally or even with a tassle, a common 1920’s style

A PearlIllusion Necklace is a design of necklace where the pearls appear to be floating in the air. This style of necklace is usually multi strand, with pearls secured at intervals on a thin wire filament or a nylon thread. The pearls used are typically off round or baroque pearls and less than 8mm, from 3 strand to 10 strand the result is a timeless elegant item of jewellery that is feminine as stylish.

Keshi Pearls name comes from the Japanese for Poppy, as the pearls can look like poppy petals. These delicate pearls are available in white, black and pink and create a stunning pearl necklace, that looks organic and natural yet also beautifully luxurious.

Whether you are looking for a classic pearl string or the latest designs in pearl necklaces we believe we have a range of options that will meet your needs, and each season we add to our collection. Check out our Pearl Necklaces at Pearl Jewellery Online.