Peaceful Path Meditation – Creating a Personal Altar

A personal altar helps to create a sacred space in the place where you pray, meditate or reflect. It is a creative process as it reflects how you are feeling and shows what is important to you. You place special objects on your altar that have meaning to you about yourself, relative, friend, animals and nature and your religious beliefs.

Where to create your altar

Once you have decided what kind of altar you want to create – a family altar, a peace lăng thờ đá, a religious altar, a healing altar – you will want to find a location where you will be able to sit quietly in prayer or meditation or for reflection where you will not be disturbed.

An altar may have several purposes and can be created anywhere:

o outdoors – garden, backyard, forest, beach

o indoors – kitchen, bedroom, den, family rooms, entrance hall, window sill

Any location that makes you feel special, peaceful, powerful or appreciative is the perfect spot for an altar. Once you make a place special through the creation of an altar, you begin to respond to that place with a loving feeling. The altar absorbs and retains your loving energy. You will be aware of this energy as your altar takes form. You will know when to change your altar to a new theme. An altar can be a temporary one, such at the beach where the tide may take it away or a more permanent one in your home, garden or balcony that you can change as you feel moved.

What to place on you altar

I’ve found that the right things just appear to put on my altars. Put anything that pleases you and makes you feel good. Altar objects are sacred because you consider them special. Your altar evokes a certain state of mind whenever you are viewing it.

You may add greeting cards, art objects and pictures, feathers, fountains, seashells, crystals and gemstones, rocks, soil, plants, flowers, candles, incense or aromatherapy oils, angels, religious symbols, family and pet photos. Add music to your altar and place tunes you enjoy. Anything you love is right for your altar.

What to do at your altar

o Create your own rituals by lighting a candle and saying a prayer.

o Meditate daily to increase your spiritual knowing, receive ancient wisdom and experience inner peace.

o Burn incense or smudge with sage or other aromatherapy to cleanse the space.

o Honour your wholeness and connection with those you love.

o Be creative. Write a poem or letter to someone you love.

o Honour your past, present, future by writing about them.

o Write intentions, goals and dreams and place them on your altar.

o Dream and visualize yourself as healthy and abundant.

o Decorate a basket for gift cards you have received or special prayers

o Don’t forget special occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, travel, mourning.

Invite your spouse, children and friends to share in creating and enjoying your altar. May it a family affair! May your altars shower blessings of love upon all who see them and be a source of inspiration and expression of your wholeness of. May you find peace and love within your sacred space and enjoy the creative experience of your personal altar.