Peace & Plenti Offers Platform for Businesses to Sell Virtually

Peace & Plenti, an online vendor event company, helps organizations showcase their business and connect with customers. The platform is established to support emerging startups and small businesses to showcase their products and services across the globe. 

Building an image of authority and success for one’s business is an excellent way to win more customers. Folks are comfortable doing business with brands they trust to meet their expectations. If the business looks lucrative, customers believe they can deliver what they need. 

This is what Peace & Plenti wants to provide to their clients. The team behind the company realizes the massive necessity to connect small business owners to professional events and with customers who might not have heard of them otherwise. This is especially true as the world continues to move away from the traditional trade show, craft show, or vendor exhibits and move towards a social selling model. 

Peace & Plenti is a virtual venue with numerous interactive areas streamlined for engaging and connecting. All potential participants and attendees can move in and out of rooms that are very much like an in-person event, enjoy the content and the connections the business have made for them. Peace & Plenti’s virtual platform is the go-to place for small business owners to connect, come together, and highlight the products or services they are passionate about. The platform is designed for all sizes and shapes of events – from small gatherings to big conferences with hundreds of attendees. 

It does not matter how small or big; every Peace & Plenti event has ways to meet people. 

According to a company representative, “Peace & Plenti Vendor Events are your premium go-to spot for social selling reinvented! 

We’re here to help you take your business to new heights and breakthrough through a whole new network! We have taken our combined 20+ years of experience in sales, marketing, and social media to create this one of a kind platforms for you to expand and grow your network and business using our proven methods.” 

Founded by three friends Adreanna Spezzaferro, Robyn Dillon, and Amanda Barnhart, the Peace & Plenti’s goal is to reimagine virtual events and make them awesome. Because of the current coronavirus pandemic, most events are going virtual. 

Yelp on Wednesday released its latest Economic Impact Report, revealing business closures across the U.S. are increasing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic’s economic toll. 

As of Aug. 31, some 163,735 businesses have indicated on Yelp that they have closed. That’s down from the 180,000 that closed at the very beginning of the pandemic. However, it actually shows a 23% increase in the number of closures since mid-July.

In addition to monitoring closed businesses, Yelp also takes into account the businesses whose closures have become permanent. That number has steadily increased throughout the past six months, now reaching 97,966, representing 60% of closed businesses that won’t be reopening.

To learn more about Peace & Plenti’s services, visit their official website at

About Peace & Plenti

Peace & Plenti is an online vendor event company owned and run by three best friends who are fully trained and skilled in social media marketing. The platform aims to establish a place to help many small business owners across the globe find top-notch yet, reasonable ways to highlight their products and services. 


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