PDFelement For Windows- A Complete PDF Solution Including a Large Number Of Free Templates!

Bringing everything in black and white ensures transparency in the system. Be it legal documents or contracts, one requires a format to be protected and safe from hackers.

PDF documents are preferred over other formats any day. It is because they offer security to the users and limits access to unauthorized users. They are easily editable, and sharing them is even more efficient. It means that the PDF files are optimized to reduce the size so that handling and managing them is effortless.

For the same reason, the article offers various use cases of PDF files and introduces Wondershare PDFelement to the lot. Wondershare PDFelement is considered to be the complete PDF solution for Windows.

Part 1: Real Life Use Cases of PDF Files

PDF documents have an extensive range of uses. People prefer it over other formats because it elevates workplace efficiency and brings security. If you are not yet incorporating the usage of PDF documents in life, you might do it after going through this section in detail.

Finance Department

Every firm has a finance department that deals with the finances of customers and clients. Due to the present outbreak, most businesses have gone online. The PDF files have eased this change. People can send invoices to the clients through email so that the processing is not delayed. Password protection ensures that no unauthorized person accesses the document or manipulates it.

Similarly, there are bank documents, credit payments, leverage finance, and investments. They all require PDF to ensure protection from bad players.

Legal Services

Authenticity and security are significant when it comes to court orders and different legal services. Contracts and other legal documents must be password protected so that the content is secure and sensitive information is away from prying eyes. PDF documents do the trick.

Moreover, the different contents of the document are aligned and displayed in sequence without any dispersion. The signatures by the end of the document show that the document is authentic and protected.

Personal Life

PDF documents offer extensive services in personal or family life as well. From bills to tax returns, and schedules to expenses, one requires a safe way to keep their sensitive information and record. Kids or teens cannot access your data when it is password protected.

Additionally, PDF documents ensure that no one duplicates or manipulates the data. Being optimized, you can share wedding or party invitations with your relatives in a matter of seconds.

Students and Scholars

Be it a school student, university student, or a PDF scholar; PDF files are excessively in use. Students are expected to send their assignments or essays in PDF to align the display of information.

Moreover, a cover letter not in PDF format gives an unprofessional impression on the hiring manager. With that being said, the resume has to present a candidate’s essential data with a picture in a decluttered way. Converting in PDF files makes the process effortless for both parties.

Business Enterprise

An entrepreneurship venture demands authenticity and protection from wicked players and corrupt employees. For this very reason, the company prefers to keep the employment data and payslips in PDF so that no one can manipulate them for personal gains.

Along with this, the monthly expenditure of a company and other legal documents are kept in PDF so that they are password secured and sent to stakeholders quickly. PDF files have made the sharing process frictionless and effortless by all means.

Part 2: Wondershare PDFelement- A Complete PDF Solution for Windows

Wondershare PDFelement has gained immense popularity and acknowledgment in the market by its users as well as competitors. The reason is simple. PDFelement has made working with different types of documents easy and hassle-free. One can edit the document, password protects it, add new pages, deletes old pages, annotate the document, and whatnot.

The section covers the numerous features offered for Windows users. So, without delaying this any further, let us initiate this.

Document Processing

The document processing and editing using this tool has become a treat. The user can edit the text from images, crop the different pages in a document, flatten PDF, and run a spelling check. Additionally, PDFelement for Windows allows you to resize the image while keeping the aspect ratio the same. It also supports the graphic designing of PDF in the most serene way possible.

Document Marking

If you need to mark the document using digital signatures and passwords, PDFelement has got you covered. The digital signature authenticates the ID of the user. Therefore, one can create them in different styles and fonts as needed.

Furthermore, the permissions of accessing a file can be removed and set in seconds. The digital signature is extensively used by lawyers, students, and the finance department to ensure the security and integrity of the data.

Data Extraction

Lawyers and students are playing with data at all times. It means that they are supposed to extract data from documents at all times. Wondershare PDFelement allows you to extract text from pictures, data in table format, and charts.

The Batch extraction helps you to deal with a questionnaire and forms. Along with this, extracting pages from the document only requires a couple of steps.

Extensive Templates

Wondershare PDFelement has launched new templates that are workable for different types of industries. For instance, holiday cards, education, event invitation, planner poster, and resume, etc. Moreover, if you work in IT, healthcare, finance, insurance, or other corporate services, PDFelement can be your beck and call.

With that being said, different target users such as hiring managers, marketing managers, sales staff, and creative professionals can put the templates in use. The template offering is free, which makes it even more irresistible.

File Conversion

File conversion is another extraordinary feature of Wondershare PDFelement. One is free to convert PDF into MS Office, images, HTML, and RTF formats. MS Office includes formats like Word, Excel, and PPT. You can also convert the scanned PDF files to editable ones. The Batch conversion allows the conversion of excessive files in a similar format in seconds.

File Compression

The optimization of files limits the file size and makes the sharing effortless. The Compress PDF feature helps you choose the level of optimization. It includes High, Medium, and Low. It allows the user to reduce the file size to do file-sharing globally without any stress.

Document Protection

If you run a business that requires excessive security, PDFelement knows how to cover your basis. The PDF password can be customized according to user needs and industry demands.

The user can also handle different permissions related to editing, printing, and copying, etc. Moreover, the “Redaction” feature permits you to remove sensitive information before making it available to others. The lawyers and students excessively use this feature.

File Annotation

The “Annotation” feature lets people from different industry to add comments and unique text marks. The text markups include highlight, underline, caret, and a strikeout. The various attachments can also be added as comments. Use Stamps so that you can send a message across professionally.

Final Thoughts

The use of PDF documents has become real. People are using it no matter which industry they are part of. It is because security is ensured through PDF files, and unauthorized users cannot manipulate the contents of the data.

Wondershare PDFelement has come to the rescue with its numerous features. From file conversion to compression and annotation to extraction, this tool for Windows would never leave you in a lurch.

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