PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in India

Pharma PCD Franchise in India

  • Pharma Franchise business or in other words PCD Pharma Franchisee business in India is taking shape, earlier SME was in this model of selling, promoting and expanding their network but over a period of time big Pharma companies are also entering this business model.


  • Latest to enter is Lupin Ltd, who has dedicated divisions in which they sell they’re new as well as matured products through this model. When I say Mature product I mean to say products those have lived its life and promoting them through normal marketing does not bring considerable growth and company feels that they can substitute the time and energy spent on mature products to newly launched molecules which has more scope to grow and is more profitable.

PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in Indai


  • This model came into existence more than a decade ago and the contributor to this model was when there was a concentration of manufacturing units those who do business in Loan License or are in Third Party Pharma Contract Manufacturing.


  • SEZ zones which saw hoards of Pharma Manufacturers big and small concentrating in these specially designated zones were in they were getting tax benefits came up, as many units came in one place accessibility improved and with that, cropped up the idea of PCD Pharma business and also Third Party contract Manufacturing, Trading of Raw Material, Packing Material and Foils and other related products.


  • As the Idea germinated, so was the addition of Pharma Companies coming and launching their products through this model and in no time there was mushrooming of Pharma Pcd companies, the acceptance grew steadily and many pharma pcd companies established their brands, they were able to give quality products, world-class packing and timely delivery to their customers. Today pharma pcd business is giving competition to big Pharma Companies head-on, forcing companies like Lupin to enter this field.

Pcd Pharma Companies In India

  • As there is no employer-employee relationship with companies and pcd distributors, headcount is not a problem, companies can launch their new products or can take leverage of their mature products through this model without actually worrying about the statutory compliance of human resource.


  • Its business to business relation, one is a Trader of Pharmaceuticals products and other is encasing on his/her skills to sell these products in the market through the prescription of the Doctors.


  • PCD Pharma companies give all the inputs as given by any reputed firms to its sales team to generate business, they match them in quality, presentation, and knowledge, this has resulted in Doctors prescribing products of pharma pcd franchise companies without any hesitation. They are convinced that the quality that is being offered to the patients are in no way compromised or substandard, it has taken a lot of efforts of pharma industry to reach to this position where they are today.


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