PC games and their role in human life

Games accompany our lives from an early age. It is through the different types of games the young child begins to perceive and understand the world around him. Psychologists explain to us that it is the process of play that improves memory, stimulates the imagination and promotes the growth of the cerebral cortex, as well as significantly accelerates human development. PC games are no exception.

They are designed for fun, but their real features go far beyond that. PC games teach children to think creatively and even help them navigate their own world, stimulating them to find the most rational and correct solutions to a problem situation. The habit of easily memorizing interesting things is “built-in” in human physiology.

This habit is observed not only in children but also in adults. Also, while playing one’s favorite computer games, we give the brain a break from sensory overload and we improve our social skills. With the help of computer games, any job could be more productive and fun. This, of course, is used to the maximum by all large corporations.

Let’s not forget how Google’s offices around the world are equipped. There are large spaces for entertainment for employees, because by giving your brain a break, you work much more productively and maintain your creativity at a high level. Psychologists reveal to us some more great advantages of pc games. Let’s see them.


To relieve stress

Stress accompanies us in everyday life – that’s a fact. In small doses it is very useful. When safe levels of stress are constantly maintained, the adrenal glands secrete the hormone cortisol into the blood. This process provides the body with a surge of energy and strength. In this way we mobilize and make better use of our resources. Computer games are a great way to maintain our energy, but, of course, any period of “useful stress” should be followed by a period of rest. We are not talking here about constant mental stress, which, as we all know, is extremely harmful to the human body.

PC games help produce hormones of joy

It is known that endorphins provide us with a feeling of joy and happiness. They are even able to relieve severe pain, scientists say. During play, endorphins are released in our body, so it can be said that computer games make us happy. Also, during this fun, the production of dopamine is activated, which is also responsible for our good mood. Even more – dopamine is what provokes us to discover new things and pushes us to feats. This happens because on a subconscious level a person seeks additional sources of stimulation.

PC games are a great way to improve brain function

PC games make us smarter, scientists say. And that’s because when we play, we develop both hemispheres of the brain at the same time. This, in turn, helps us to improve the process of creative thinking, helps us to concentrate better, to think outside the box, to improve memory and concentration. PC games also improve relationships When we have fun, it encourages our empathy.

At this moment, people are able to feel close to other people, to show compassion. Confidence increases. At the same time, if people play computer games in a team, the relationship between them becomes much better. The result is the effect of the popular team building, in which the team becomes more cohesive.

PC games support our health

Pleasant emotions bring us joy and satisfaction. They increase our energy. And here it is very appropriate to mention a quote from George Bernard Shaw: “We do not stop playing because we are getting older; we grow old because we stop playing. ”

It has been scientifically proven that happy people are healthier than those who feel unhappy most of their lives. Researchers have proven that when we are filled with positive emotions, it reduces the chances of early death by as much as 35%! That’s why when we have fun with computer games, we actually improve our health and prolong our lives!

How does the human brain react to computer games?

Scientists have long conducted research in this area, and the results are clear – video games have a long-term positive effect on human mental processes. They improve our perceptions, help us concentrate better and make the right decisions in critical situations. This is due to the fact that during the game requires a quick response and simultaneous monitoring of many elements. That is, the brain processes new information quickly and learns to come up with the most rational solutions in literally a split second.

Computer games help with depression

From a neuroscience point of view, video games themselves are literally the opposite of depression. In the last few years, numerous studies, including at Stanford University, have examined the brains of gamers. Results show that when we play pc games, two areas of our brain are constantly hyper-stimulated. It is about the internal reward system responsible for motivation and goal orientation, as well as the hippocampus, which is related to learning and memory. As we focus on success and expect rewards, our brains are stimulated with pleasant sensations. And it helps a lot in the fight against depression.

PC games improve our productivity

Have you noticed that sometimes at work you feel so exhausted that you can neither focus nor do anything else. Everything costs you a lot of effort. This is because the body and brain are exhausted and unable to meet our needs. For example, if a higher concentration is required, make quick decisions or something like that. According to expert research, all this can be solved if you just occasionally play computer games. Statistics show that many people who work in positions of responsibility, such as surgeons, pilots and others, actively play computer games and say that this helps them a lot in their work. Even one study showed that inexperienced surgeons, fans of computer games, outperformed experienced surgeons, making significantly fewer mistakes – as much as 37% fewer!  Also, they were able to complete operations much faster – 27% more faster than they experienced colleagues! Therefore, don’t forget to have fun with pc games whenever possible!

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