Paul Haarman Shares Everything You Should Know About FEGLI Benefits

FEGLI benefits are advantages of a term life insurance program that is designed for federal employees. When a uniformed serviced individual meets certain requirements, they are automatically eligible for this kind of program when they join. However, if you are unsure about the program and its terms, you need to gather more information and get FEGLI benefits after retirement. You should ask the professionals and proceed further with the requirements.

Here are some of the things, according to Paul Haarman, that you should know about FEGLI benefits before you proceed further:

 What are the FEGLI benefits?

FEGLI stands for Federal Employees Group Life Insurance scheme. The federal government is responsible for this scheme, and it was catered to the requirements of different kinds of individuals. Under this program, federal employees are eligible for term life insurance and the benefits related to it. This program provides coverage for different kinds of employees, retirees, and their family members and comes with many advantages.

Additional Coverage options

In addition to the coverage that comes with its insurance, it has other additional coverage options that are:


One of the first options you should know about is the standard coverage option. Like most of the other coverage options, this requires you to pay the entire that is 100% of the premium for this program. As you age, the premium would increase in the numbers of 5 age groups. Federal employees who opt for this program are eligible to get the coverage of $10,000. You are eligible for these programs till your retirement, and you can use the policies likewise.

  • Additional

Another type of policy you should know about is the additional coverage policy. The coverage amount equals 1,2,3,4, or 5 times your basic pay, and the premium increases as you age in the number of 5. One of the important features of this type of coverage is that its premiums increase drastically until retirement. All you have to do is to look at different kinds of methods and get the best types of coverage that suit you. Paul Haarman further explains that you must be aware of these small details as they will be very helpful for you in the long term concerning retirement planning.

  • Family

Finally, you need to know about the insurance program and the coverage it offers to your family. You need to look at different types of methods and the benefits it offers to you. This coverage extends to your spouse and your eligible dependent children. You need to look at different kinds of methods and need to know about the policies of the agreement. In case you wish to look at different types of details before looking at the policy, you should proceed further.

If you wish to find about FEGLI benefits for federal employees, you should visit the websites of various information-providing platforms. You can easily look for such professionals or experts online and ask them for guidance.