Paul Alex, Founder of; From Law Enforcement Officer to Digital Marketer

The founder of, Paul Alex wants to provide his clients with the ability to generate an additional source of passive income, whether first-time business owners or seasoned business professionals, his remedy is to provide them with their own respective ATM businesses.

Paul Alex and Co. help entrepreneurs create, establish and scale their own Automated Teller Machine (ATM) businesses right in the cities where they already live. In fact, ATMTogether will take care of everything from establishing a location, installing and providing proper education on management for clients’ ATMs.

The company offers expert guidance and walks clients through the entire process of forming their ATM businesses, all the while providing expert and ongoing customer support. In fact, ATMTogether will even provide clients with free relocation of their ATMs if they are unhappy with their placements.

“Don’t stress about starting your ATM business. We will build your business for you or with you,” said Paul Alex. “Simplicity equals success. Making your money work for you while you do what you want to do is the ultimate American dream.”

Meet Paul Alex

While serving as a law enforcement officer, Paul Alex, a former beat cop turned detective, began generating passive income through an ATM business while working his 9-5 job. In 2020, he began to garner skills in digital marketing and started helping guide thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs, nationwide, also ring in passive income with their own ATMs too.

The end result,, in which he pulled in over $2 million, alone, in 2021. Since the company’s inception, he has helped thousands of clients create and launch their own ATM businesses, has taken the company to over seven figures in less than 12 months, has built a devoted online network and following that helps thousands of people each day and still has found time to travel the world because of his financial freedom.

“I built this business on the weekends while juggling my duties as a law enforcement officer,” said Paul Alex. “I self-taught myself much of what I know and read all the right books. What you don’t know is what you don’t know and simplicity equals success.”

Paul Alex now runs a multi-million dollar digital business with a focus on launching ATMs for clients, all across the nation, while also managing the largest ATM business group on Facebook, called ‘ATM Business for Beginners’, which has accumulated over 25,000 members.

The ‘ATM Business for Beginners’ live sessions are held every Tuesday at 5pm (PT)/8PM (ET) and Paul Alex shares his experiences, knowledge and basics about the ATM business for all attendees, while providing training, prospecting, marketing, sales and mindset tips.

About Paul Alex

Paul Alex is a former law enforcement officer turned entrepreneur. He has experience in sales and digital marketing. He founded ATMTogether Automation Services to help clients establish their first ATM locations throughout the United States. The company has helped educate an excess of over 25,000 aspiring entrepreneurs nationwide  regarding the ATM industry and currently has over 1,000 clients enrolled into their ATM Automation program. For more information, please visit


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