Path of Exile Atlas Guide: How to Make PoE Currency

Path of Exile is a game where currency plays an important role. PoE Currency is used to buy items and gear that will help players progress through the game. One of the best ways to make currency in Path of Exile is by utilizing the Atlas, which is a map system that players can use to navigate through different areas in the game.

If you are a new player in Path of Exile and find that everything is out of your price range, don’t worry. With the Atlas, it’s almost guaranteed to make a ton of Currency. You just need to pick an Atlas strategy that suits your playstyle.

The Atlas is divided into different regions, and each region has a set of maps that players can explore. To progress through the Atlas, players need to complete objectives and unlock different map tiers. Once you have all your favorite map slots or almost all your favorite map slots, it’s time to focus on making currency.

One of the most popular Atlas strategies is to run expeditions. The expedition node is an insane money maker. One expedition can easily make you 40 Chaos Orbs or more, depending on the nodes you have unlocked. It’s worth buying exotic coins to enhance your expedition, as they can give you nearly double the amount you spent back. When you run expeditions, you’ll also get harvest mob drops, including uniques or currency, which are worth currency.

Harvest is another excellent way to make consistent currency. Each harvest can give you about 15 to 20 chaos. If you can run through a map in about three minutes, you can get 10 harvests per hour, making 150 to 200 chaos of just harvest alone.

Essence is also an extremely consistent way to make currency. Blight can be swingy due to its reliance on natural divine drops, but it’s still a decent way to make money. However, if you’re looking for a more consistent strategy, you can try Delve or Simulacrum.

It’s essential to play for long sessions to make the most currency per hour. You’ll get random big dick drops, and bad rng will average out with good rng over time. However, if you only play for short periods, it’s harder to make a lot of currency.

In conclusion, the Atlas is an excellent way to make currency in Path of Exile. If you’re a new player, once you’ve unlocked your Atlas, pick an Atlas strategy that makes sense for you and go ham. It’s also essential to play for long sessions to maximize your currency per hour.


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