Patentoid Offers Simple and Uncomplicated Online Trademarking Registration in the UK

Patentoid is a dedicated online trademark registration service. It is a group of 13 people that came together to help people navigate smoothly through the complicated trademark registration process. The journey to create a suitable team started in 2012 and around 2016, Patentoid project was established. The customers had to fill out a form and after that everything associated with the order was taken care of by the specialist team. 

In one year that is in 2017, Patentoid Trademark Online Service successfully celebrated its first few hundreds registered trademarks. Currently, they have helped in 1,368 trademark registration. The numbers are generally increasing and the group of 13 is focusing on their mission to simplify the trademark registration process.

Besides patents and copyrights, trademark falls under a wide category of ‘Intellectual Property’. IP protection is complex and vague in terms of business law. The five official ways to protect IP are trademarks, copyrights, patents, industrial designs and utility models. Generally, trademarks comprise symbols, logos, colors, and sound emblematic of a specific brand. For example, Apple’s bite-marked fruit or the right symbol represents Nike.

Some believe that trademarking is not for small businesses, but global brands. But brand identity and hard work are crucial for small businesses just like huge corporations. Trademark lawsuits are complicated and expensive. Rather than experiencing litigation down the road apply for official United Kingdom trademark registration directly or ask Patentoid for help using their online trademarking services. 

How do they help?

  • Startups need to protect their logo and text, which the professionals will help.
  • Product, company, or project name creation was amazing and unique but can be stolen in a jiff but the experts can help to protect it.
  • Creating catchy slogans or phrases for the ad posters needs hard work and can be copied overnight but trademark registration can officially protect it. 
  • Graphic designers creatively came up with appealing labels and mascots, which need protection from abuse.
  • Unique brand color, shape, inscription, etc. are some other innovative aspects that need to get trademarked legally for protection from thefts. 

For the United Kingdom, the USA, or European Union trademark registration choose Patentoid, a reliable online trademarking service. Lawyers are expensive but Patentoid can complete the registration in three simple steps. Fill in the online form –

  • What needs protection – choose between Text [slogan or company name] or Image [mascot or logo]. If Text then enters precise words of the text.
  • Which products or services should be under protection
  • Contact information – details like name, email, phone number.
  • The territorial scope of the trademark rights like UK, European Union, USA, Ukraine, etc. 

Give consent for personal data protection and continue to make payments. The online trademark registration is valid for 10 years and there are chances of easy renewal. For more details visit!

The trademark price list differs. It is based on territory applied for gaining trademarking rights. Each registration package includes trademark research, graphic design service, application prep and submission, original copy of the trademark registration certificate. Their administrative fees also include two hours of coordination activities.