Pastor Anwar Fazal – Launching the Eternal Life Television Network

God employs every person with different roles, offices, and talents, and when they form a relationship with God, they are saved by Him. The glory of God cultivates them, and some men are called to be preachers, evangelists, and missionaries. People have lost their way in this modern era of advancement. The need for consistent guidance and influence to keep people on the righteous path cannot be neglected. The spiritual guidance focuses on providing the right Christianity teaching, lectures, and valuable coaching. Pastors are the ones who devote themselves and their lives to the betterment and guidance of people through the word of God and move ahead to influence people’s decisions by playing an important role in keeping people spirited and on the right path. Pastors play a pivotal role in society and expose people to the love of God. One such pastor is Anwar Fazal. 

Fazal, together with his loving wife, Nida Anwar, is a humble man of God who faithfully fulfills the call put on his heart by the Lord. With his dedication to a good grasp of the Bible, Christian education, and staying firm in the faith, this preacher has caused waves in the twenty-first century. Fazal has become well-known for his love of the Gospel and his Christ-like attitude throughout the years. 

Born on February 13, 1972, in the Jahanian City of Punjab province in Pakistan, Fazal started a channel named Eternal Life Television Network which broadcasts very influential and anointed preachers with teachings, worship songs, and children’s programs. Since its inception, the Eternal Life Television Network has been winning souls, changing lives, and expanding the kingdom of God. Under the embodied vision of Pastor Anwar Fazal, the channel has been preaching to people about the love of God. 

During the early 2000s, Pakistan experienced a tremendous increase in private TV stations, with the majority focused on current events and politics. Yet, most people in the South Asian country are unaware that the country also has more than ten stations dedicated to Christian programming, two among which are Fazal’s foundations.

Fazal founded the “Eternal Life Television Network,” which broadcasts on the Apstar 7 and Galaxy Sat 19 satellites. Eternal Life Television is an English-language station that broadcasts to the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and many other nations. The Eternal Life Television broadcasts strong and anointed preachers and teachings, worship songs, a youth show, and children’s programming.

Prior to launching Eternal Life, Fazal had launched Isaac Television which was the first Christian television channel in the history of Pakistan. His first channel came out as an opportunity for both Christians and Non-Christians alike. In 2014, the channel expanded its evangelism with a project dubbed Isaac’s Best Worshippers, a localized version of the American Idol singing competition. The event aimed to promote and provide budding Christian artists in the region with a platform.

Fazal started his ministry in a shack in Lahore’s Bahar slum in the late 1990s, where he worked odd jobs before becoming a pastor. In 2001, Fazal founded the Eternal life Ministries with four members and preached his first sermon n Lahore. His talks and ability to connect with the locals swiftly drove him to prominence, winning him an invitation to pray before the second term election of former American President George W. Bush. 

Over the years, Fazal has gained worldwide attention. In his home country of Pakistan, he has been drawing a large number of people, both Christians and Non-Christians, to his prayers festivals. The world-renowned Christian televangelist Benny Hinn had also invited Fazal to appear on his television station on many occasions.

Even though previous attempts to bring Hinn to Pakistan have failed to owe to security concerns, the tendency of international televangelists such as Marlyn Hickey,  Morris Cerrelo, and Korean preacher David Yonggi Cho to visit the country has had a long history. Their travels coincided with several events and conventions around the country. For many ministries, this was a thoughtful endeavor to spiritually connect local congregations to the global network of televangelism and financially connect them to the large donor network worldwide.

Fazal aspired to be like renowned televangelist preachers like Billy Graham. The initial move was establishing Isaac TV, followed by the Eternal Life Television Network.