Parvati Tandav keeping you entertained this year in Goa

Starting every New year with a bang is almost a ritual now. Entering into a new year with happiness and celebrations is a hope towards a better upcoming new year. Since we are running towards the end of the quarter, the plans for celebrating New Years have already began. Being in a city like Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi, nothing less is expected. An electrifying party, with drinks and music all night. Not to forget the various cuisines that are served. Parties also have their special themes and the young crowd enjoying their night and welcoming the New year with lots of joy and excitement.  

Weather in Goa

Weather has always been favorable in Goa. Goa is known for a holiday, celebration and enjoyment throughout the year. People visit Goa with family and friends for a yearly vacation. The beaches, music, dance and food is what makes people keep coming back. The beaches and open DJ concerts makes people forget their stress and let loose. North Goa is known for its popular beaches, cafes, DJ concerts

A winter New Year’s Eve party in a 5 star hotel on the rooftop bar with classic views is just perfect. There are many cool locations in a city like Goa to celebrate New Year’s eve such as various shacks, a new city based theme every single year. Venues like Hard Rock hotel and no limits are obviously an amazing place to party specially on New Year’s eve. Let’s look at some of the places you can party in Goa and have an amazing new 2022.

Goa has you covered in terms of expenses and affordable parties. You can enjoy in the most classy resorts with your friends or pay to book a table at the club with all night party and an amazing DJ. New Year’s parties surely hit different than other regular parties in India. It is a celebration of ending and beginning of the year with a bang. 

One has a lot of options to celebrate New Year’s Eve when in Goa. Ranging from Classy resorts to superb views on rooftop, it gives the people a lot of choices to choose from. Some are highly priced while some are at affordable rates. 

Early Bird offer

The best part of partying in a club or attending theme parties is that these clubs and bars offer early bird offers. Booking resorts in advance will surely save you a lot of money and gives you many choices to choose from, compared to when you decide towards the end of December. This reduces your chance of getting discount and also less places to choose from. Keeping an eye on websites and resort prices will surely get you a lot to choose from And will save you a lot of money. 


Dj’s in Goa

Bangalore has a wide variety of DJ’s, ranging from Bollywood to retro, classic English Hollywood songs etc,. All the parties in hotels have 2-3 DJ’s playing the entire night. This gives the audience a large variety of songs to enjoy. 

Before people purchase tickets they are informed about the themes, the different DJ’s playing etc,. This gives the audience a lot to choose from.


Another important aspect of any party is good. The different cuisines and the wide variety that they serve could be a sole reason for people to opt for that party. But there are many that don’t focus on food but on the surroundings and the environment. Some would want their space in the pub while others would want to mix up with rest of the guests and enjoy it together. 


Having a resort booked will surely let you decide the songs to be played, food to be served and cocktails to be made. But when it’s an official party at a club or cafe, they have a set menu with different ranges. Some might offer cocktails with a certain price, while some might offer mock-tails and other beverages to the audience. It really depends on which package would you like to choose for the night. It has 2-3 varieties including food. 

Parvati Tandav is one such event company known for their live performance. Parvati Records Event makes their mark this year with a remarkable concert happening in Goa on the 26 December to 28 December 2021. This is the first time in history that they will be performing from the start to the end keeping you entertained throughout all the three days. With a list of popular DJs performing, Parvati Tandav Event makes sure to give the best of genre of all kinds of music.  This independent record label is known for its psychedelic trance parties across the country.

Not many are aware of ticket booing for such an event happening this year. One can book Parvati Tandav Event Tickets online to enjoy their Psy-trance music. This platform is been created to promote the growth of Psytranace scene in India and other parts of the world.