Parenting tips for the first 5 years of life

The five years are crucial for the child’s growth and development. Several important milestones have to develop during this life span. At the same time, the child needs much care and attention from the parents in this growth period. Most of the brain development completes during the first three years of age. Most parents are interested in knowing when to stop using swing and when to start feeding on solid food. 

Here are some tips for parenting tips.

0-1 years of age:

In this life period, parents must have to pay attention to the developmental milestones of the baby. Developmental milestones are some of the motor and sensory skills like eating with fingers, smiling, sucking, turn the page of the paper, pick up cell-phone crawling, the head movement towards the sounds, some sounds like Maa, Daa, uh-oh, etc. Baby develops a bond of love and attachment with the mother, father, and other members of the family.

Parents need to take care during the handling of the child:

  • Avoid shaking the body of a baby.
  • Support the head of the baby during lifting.
  • Make sure to tie properly during the car driving and while in carrying.
  • Do proper massage to your child.
  • Try to strengthen the love bond of parents with a baby.
  • Diet with proper nutritional values according to the weight of the baby, the child needs 900-1000 kcal per day. Food consistency is very important for the proper digestion of the food.
  • Mother feed is best for the baby, especially during the first years of growth. Mother feed can develop the proper immunity of the child.
  • Take care of the sleeping hours of the baby. Sleep should be of 11-15 hours a day.
  • Do care of vaccination of the child after the birth and do follow-ups to the doctor as a prescription.

1-2 years of age

The child becomes more independent in the 2nd year of birth than the 1st year. The child starts to walk, crawls vigorously try to climb the stair, try to open a draw and holds object independently. The child will start to follow simple and small instructions. The child will start to differentiate objects of different shapes and different colors.

Parents need to take care of stuff:

  • First of all, parents need to monitor the development of cognitive, motor, and sensory milestones of the 2nd year of age. . Usually, the milestone develops in 18, 24 months in the 2nd year.
  • Child safety is very important: don’t leave a child near water, fire, medicines, open stairs, cleaners, vehicles, chemicals, and some sharp equipment.
  • Try to avoid screen timing. Involve the child in more physical activity, like to play with the child in the open air while sitting on the soft grass.
  • I this life span child will start to learn the language, so try to communicate in clear words.
  • Check the proper BMI of the child as the chances of obesity starts at 24 years of age.
  • Toilet training is very essential. Train child to call mama or car-taker upon the urge of urination of defecation.
  • Naps are very good for the child, very necessary for the development of the proper growth of the child.

Preschooler age (3, 4, 5 years of age):

At this age, a child usually develops most of their behaviors, habits, and personality traits.

Parents need to focus on:

  • Develop a child’s interest in book reading.
  • How to develop a bond and how to make a friendship, teach your child about the good touch and bad touch.
  • Train your child how to react in a different situation.
  • Teach them how to behave in different emotions: sadness, happiness, being upset, and in stress and tension
  • Never restrict your child too much, this can suppress their development and enthusiasm to explore different activities, stuff, and adventures. Always try to make friends with your child and be their partner in childish activities.
  • Give them options in a different situation and try to train them to choose something or make a decision by keeping in mind the pros and cons of every option.
  • Make sure child’s playing equipment and vehicles like tricycle or bicycle in good condition.
  • Make sure to provide food with nutritional values and take off their sleep hours 10-13 hours per day.

Best of luck with the good parenting!