Parenting Hack – Explore What Your Kids Are Up To

Today, parents say a lot about how difficult it is to bring up children during digital times. We live in times where kids are growing watching the screen rather than the faces of people. They learn from electronic devices but not from real-life things. Gen z are tech-savvy and being in the digital world; they know a lot about online activities at an early age. But without rules and restrictions, they often go in the wrong direction and become part of the internet dark side. 

Parenting has never been difficult for anyone than present parents. Grooming kids are free to use electronic devices and do not listen to what their parents ask. But the story hasn’t finished yet!

Technology has introduced mobile tracker to make things are easy. It has become possible to watch the screens of the kids without them knowing. 


We will discuss this in the last section, but now, we will throw some light on the surrounding dangers that can hit our teens. 

Dark Web – A Sad Reality That Can Haunt Your Child 

The most dangerous thing in the digital world is the dark web. Yes, it is a sad reality that many online users get interacted with this side and lost their ways. It exists on darknets, and it involves an explicit authorization to access it. Dark web often approaches the teens and get them involved in dangerous activities, including sexual crimes, abusing, alcohol and drug consumption, etc. Many kids hear about the dark web from peers or friends and explore this world because they are tech-savvy and know various ways to access anything online. 

Online Challenges – Already Hit the Hundreds 

Social media apps give us a chance to stay in touch with the world.

Social media activities lead our new generation to many threats. Here, we are talking about the online challenges. We can take an example form TikTok. As we know how much popularity this platform has got already, we also can’t deny that many people use it to spread harmful content. Different challenges involve self-harm risks. To get more likes, people do everything and makes dangerous videos to make it viral. Many online users get self-harmed and injured while making a video in 2020, reportedly. 

Less Socialization but More Interaction with Online Friends 

Kids do not go outside but prefer to use a mobile phone and other gadgets. 

Does our new generation not like socialization?

Well, they do but online socialization. 

Indeed, social media develops communication skills, but it also minimizes the real-life socialization. Kids often become introverts because too much use of social networking sites creates low self-esteem. 

A recent report tells that more than 70% of online users are teens. They make online friends and spend hours to explore someone’s personality. Grooming kids find it more attractive to socialize with online friends without thinking about catfishing (the fake online user who pretends to need money).

Parenting Hack – Use Mobile Tracker 

Do not want to create trust-issues with your child?

Use mobile tracker app to track phone without them knowing. Yes, it takes only 2-3 minutes to download the spy app in the android phone. After downloading the app, enter the license key and activate it. 

Set up and start monitoring your child. Such tools send the screenshots and let the end-user know if your teen access dark web.

1 – Spy on Camera and Explore Who Is with Your Child

2 – Access Videos and Discover If He/She Makes Self-Harm Videos

3 – Monitor Social Media and Block the Strangers

4 – Restrict the Access Of Inappropriate Sites 

5 – Read Messages and Check If Someone Is Bullying Your Kid. 

TheWiSpy is the best parenting hack and gives you peace of mind by allowing you to monitor kids’ screen!