Parenting guide and tips related to baby sleep

Exhausted and struggling over to look out the ways to reduce the disturbed sleep of your baby as you are new parents in town?  Here are some hacks that will make the nights so peaceful and comfortable for you and for your baby as well.

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1. Complete Darkness or Dim Lights

Ever thought about why we all turn the light or dim for sleeping? Because darkness is very essential while sleeping, it helps to send critical signals to the body that helps in resting and result in good quality and quantity of sleep. A darkened room helps the baby to fall asleep more easily and also trains the baby for a healthy sleeping routine. So whenever you turn off the light, the baby will get to know that it’s time for sleep. Turned off the lights throughout the time baby sleeps in order not to interrupt their sleep.

2. Correct Room Temperature

The recommended temperature for babies to sleep best is between 20° to 22.2°C or  68° and 72°F. As babies are very sensitive to temperature, either too cool or hot temperature can make the baby uncomfortable and disturbs their sleep. So main the moderate temperature to avoid any kind of disturbance while the baby is sleeping.  If you are living in a hot climate then use Air Conditions to cool the place or if you are dealing with cold weather go for the heaters. Make sure that AC should be high so that it will result in a nose blockage.

3.  Air Purifiers & Humidifiers 

Air Purifiers are very essential and a must-have when you have a baby. The dryness in the air causes so much of sinus problems in babies that why nose blockage is the most common cause that disturbs the baby’s sleep. By keeping air purifiers in your home, this problem can reduce and helps the baby to inhale the pure air by protecting them protect them from pollutants. If you live in cool areas then you can also use Humidifiers to avoid dryness.

4. Organic Mattresses 

As the babies spend most of their time in bed, it’s very important to bless them with the best mattress. And what’s better than Organic Mattresses? Very important for better growth and development of the baby as well as it helps the baby to sleep more comfortably. Organic mattresses make a toxin-free environment for babies by preventing exposure to dit so the baby can breathe well.

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5. Pacifiers

A good pacifier is like a savior. It helps the baby to sleep better as they can soothe themselves. Reduces the risk of sleep-related death in babies which is sudden infant death syndrome  (SIDS). A pacifier should be well cleaned. Pacifiers help to relieve ear pain from air pressure changes and also help to ease the baby’s anxiety problems

These hacks surely satisfy your baby with good and peaceful sleep. By following these hacks you and your little munchkin can sleep to the fullest.