Pareksha: The Key to Success in Your Exams

App Concept 

With learning institutions paralyzed by the coronavirus, the mantle of exam preparation has fallen squarely on the shoulders of children and their parents. Physical learning is no longer as effective as it used to be because of the obvious challenges of the pandemic that have meant a start-stop affair for the curriculum in India. Don’t get left behind, instead stay on top of your academics with Pareksha, an e-learning app that spearheads the future of education. Be it practice tests, strategic quizzes, and past examination questions, Pareksha is full of high-quality material for your academic benefit. It is the all-around platform for innovative, AI-guided learning of the future!

Features of Pareksha app 

Do you need help with any government-level exams such as TNPSC, SSC, mocks, and more? Pareksha has it all! You can expect the following from the app:

  • Bilingual app functions: Do you prefer to study in English or Tamil? You can choose between the two for a learning experience perfect for you! 
  • Customized study plan: All learners are different. Pareksha acknowledges that and constructs specific plans based on a performance tracking system. 
  • Helpful examination guides and tricks: From catchy formulas to rhythmical wordings, Pareksha avails nifty tips and tricks so learners can master multiple or complex concepts quickly. 
  • Group learning: group learning is effective because it allows students to interact and exchange ideas and knowledge 
  • Up-to-date learning material: Current affairs, for instance, keeps changing to remain current. Pareksha updates its questions, topics, and examinations to ensure learners are always in touch with the times. 

Working of the app 

Pareksha works on a coin system. You use these coins to access learning materials, tests, and other educational content. Luckily, coins are easily earned on the platform by completing certain academic chores such as passing tests. There are also online classes you can try out without paying anything. Learners get access to thousands of PDFs, learning materials, and tests for preparation in a variety of government-level examinations. 

Why Pareksha stands out from other educational apps

Not every learner is the same. Learning ability varies from one person to the next and Pareksha is unique for its AI-based system that caters to specific academic needs. Artificial intelligence curates each learner’s weak points and offers plans in line with these areas. Additionally, Pareksha is unique for its abundance of quality tests, past examination papers, and basically any learning material you can think of! 

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