Paperless Intellectual Property Law Management Software Solution Tailored To Your Business

Days are gone where legal case management system is limited to word documents, spreadsheets and emails. A professional handy legal case management system with infinite options is an essential tool for any large and small law firm.

Lawsyst is a fully managed intellectual property law management software solution for businesses and individuals. As a legal case management system, Lawsyst is provided as an online solution, allowing clients to access the document automation and a unified communication system in a single synergistic application. Its powerful and easy-to-use reporting lets you decide on the activities that improves performance and productivity. From workflows, contact management, an integrated phone system, to billing & invoicing, marketing & website integration and integrated storage, Lawsyst provides the tools to manage more cases conveniently.

Intuitive User Interface with Powerful Capabilities

Lawsyst is a next-generation legal case management system that combines a simple, intuitive user interface with powerful capabilities. Instead of using multiple programs, it combines everything you will ever need into one intellectual property law management software. It helps large and small law firms to manage bankruptcy, civil litigation, criminal, family, health, immigration, intellectual, labor, personal injury, real estate, tax law and traffic law matters. Its seamless integrations and simplified complex processes removes all the hindrances and handle day-to-day tasks more efficiently. It provide different services such as managing client records and case files, track billable hours and generate invoices, appointments and meetings, manage calendars and keep track of deadlines as well as leads and email marketing.

Lawsyst has been developed for lawyers and other legal professionals, ensuring that all of the functionality required to manage your portfolio has been built with the end user in mind. With the end-to-end functionality of legal case management system every work and requirement can easily be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Developed for law firms, lawyers and other legal professionals, Lawsyst provides valuable resources for legal case management system.

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