Panda Express

Panda Express in Sugar Land, TX, is an American chain of restaurants serving Chinese and Asian food in various countries. Operating its restaurants in over 2,200 locations across the world. Panda Express stands to be the largest Chinese and Asian food chain in the United States. 

Panda Express was founded 37 years ago in October 1983 and was traditionally serving masses in food courts in different malls. Today the food chain operates throughout the world and serves in many other formats and places including military bases, airports, universities, casinos, and stand-alone restaurants. Panda express serves its customers across the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Japan, and the Philippines. 

At first, Panda Express was only found in the food courts of shopping malls until the early 1990s until the founders Andrew Cherng and Peggy Cherng started experimenting with the supermarket outlets and succeeded to open its first stand-alone drive-through restaurant location in 1997 at Hesperia, California. Only 2% of the chain’s restaurants are in malls now. 

Over time, In 2005 Panda Express started opening its outlets on college campuses for which they received the City of Angels Award for contributing to the area of larger Los Angles. In 2009 Panda Express announced to have selected Trusonic to provide Asian theme background music to its customers. 

Panda Express operates its services globally. It had 8 locations in Japan previously that were operated under a franchise agreement that was later terminated. Afterward Panda Express returned to Japan with a new restaurant in Kawasaki. Other countries where Panda Express operates include United Arab Emirates, KSA, the Philippines, and some other European countries. With a revenue of over $4 Million annually, the highest revenue-generating outlet of the chain was operated from Honolulu, Hawaii. As of 2017, the Panda Express group had an annual sale of over $3B with a total of 39,000 employees. The owners of the panda group operate other restaurants as well one of which includes the Panda Innovation Kitchen with their daughter, overlooking the majority of the business chores. 

Panda Express group is considered to be one of the largest Asian food chains across the world primarily originating from America. With higher amounts of revenue generated every year Panda Express group stands tall to be the leader in the Asian and Chinese food genre.