Palm Jumeirah vs. Dubai Marina – battle for property owners

Palm Jumeirah

It is a coastal area that stretches from Port Rashid to Dubai Marina. Here are the highest apartments prices in Dubai.

It is in this place that the focus of the bourgeois way of life and other epicureanism. It is here, if not even further from the bustling city, that the indigenous people tend to leave.

Jumeirah is home to the most luxurious villas. For example, the Beckham couple bought real estate here. It is in Jumeirah that the famous Burj al-Arab hotel, known to us as the Sail, and the huge Wild Wadi Water Park are located.

There are several beaches in Jumeirah. For example, the free Jumeirah Beach and the paid Jumeirah Beach Park. Do not mix it up!

Jumeirah area is close to the main attractions of Dubai. For example, the Burj Khalifa is 20 minutes away by metro.

The most expensive part of the most expensive area of ​​Dubai is the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah.

There is a typical multistory building in the Arabian style on the “trunk” of a palm tree. There are mostly apartments there. “Palm leaves” begin to move away from the “trunk” and this is where private villas are located. Entry to this territory from the “trunk” is closed for outsiders – it is only for the owners and their guests. There is no view on them from the side of the “trunk”. Real estate here enjoys special attention among foreigners. This is the only place in the Emirates where it is still possible to acquire ownership of a “land plot” under construction (if it can be called land). Since the start of sales, all of the villas are said to have sold out within 72 hours.

In the Jumeirah region there is also the resort complex “Madinat Jumeirah”. It consists of four luxury hotels. Several artificial canals have been created on the territory of the complex, because of which Madinat Jumeirah is also called “Dubai Venice”.

Even if you do not live in one of the hotels in the complex, you can freely ride the abra through the canals or go to the local market.

Dubai Marina

This area is called “Dubai Manhattan”. The Arabic flavor is not felt here at all, but there are a lot of unusual skyscrapers. The most beautiful are the swirling Cayan Tower and the high-rise with a round dome Princess Tower.

Skyscrapers of Dubai Marina

Skyscrapers look especially beautiful after sunset. Locals love to live in Dubai Marina.

Probably the main reason to choose this area is the beach. The situation with beaches in Dubai is not very favorable. If you are staying in city hotels, you will be offered a transfer to one of the city’s beaches. However, these trips need to be planned in advance. Dubai Marina has its own beach and you can walk there from almost anywhere in the area. Parallel to the beach, there is a very steep promenade for walking. You can walk with children without fear of cars.

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