Painters for Your Home: Key Considerations to Make

Painters are one sure shot way to revamp the look of your house, be it exterior or interior painting. The painting also keeps the walls from getting cracks, damps, fungal growth, and many other damages due to harsh weather conditions. Some of the main reasons why a house should require re-painting are:

  • Improves the appearance of the house
  • Provides protection of the exterior wall surface from damage
  • Increases the value of the house
  • Improves both the indoor as well as outdoor air quality
  • Reduces dust accumulation on walls

The painting job may sound simple, but homeowners often face difficulty in deciding on many practical issues like the quality of paint to be used, the shade and color to be selected, etc. Apart from all these issues mentioned, getting the right painters who are professional and have quite some experience to handle the project efficiently is important. Selecting the right residential painting service providers is a critical decision and there are certain considerations to be made before the final hiring.


The decision to hire painters in Melbourne would largely depend on the kind of painting job required. While some homeowners look for a cost-effective paint job, maybe for their property that is up for sale, others may want to opt for high-quality durable paints that would last for quite a few years. The main considerations for choosing the right paint service contractor are:

  • Experience – It is very important to know the duration for which the painter has been operating in the market. Hiring an inexperienced novice may result in an undesirable look of the house. Painters who have substantial years of experience in the field would know the various aspects and specific requirements of the painting project, including the various challenges that may crop up. Lastly, a company that has been around for many years must have a record of client satisfaction.
  • Affordable pricing – Pricing is another very important factor, as it directly impacts the budget of the project. Comparing quotations from a few painters is a good idea, because sometimes it may happen that different companies might be quoting different prices for the same job. Pricing varies majorly due to the fact that some contractors are efficient in procuring materials at a lower cost, thereby offering their clients a competitive quote. Another reason is the factor of bulk purchase of materials directly from the manufacturing companies. Contractors providing affordable rates also mean that they have a good client base to spread out the operating costs.
  • Completion time – The turnaround time to complete a home paint project is directly related to the overall budget. Painters who charge on an hourly basis and take weeks to complete the work would surely shoot the budget substantially. Getting several quotations from different paint service companies that includes a project completion date is very important.
  • Reviews and recommendations – Getting recommendations from friends or doing some research with the reviews related to the painting company would help determine their goodwill in the market. The painters may also be approached for a list of references who can vet the contractor’s professional behavior in terms of timely completion and quality of the job.
  • Workforce – Another important factor is to find out if the contractor uses their own employees or outsource the job. It is better to opt for contractors who have their own workforce for the job. In that case, issues resulting in a breach of trust, lack of training, and experience are less likely to happen.

Among various factors to pay importance to, the selection should largely depend on the experience of the paint job contractor. Quality is ensured by industry experience; hence it is advisable to look for a service company that has served a substantial client base and for quite a few years.

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