Paint sprayer basics to know before buying a paint sprayer?

Have you ever tried painting with a paint sprayer? Well, if not, then you should experience this fun.

Painting with a paint sprayer is not just fun, but it also eases in your work. It saves your time, and the experience of painting with a paint sprayer is completely different from painting with a roller.

When you use a paintbrush or a roller, it takes a lot of time. Although the coating is thick and looks amazing on the wall, still there is a lot to offer when it comes to a paint sprayer.

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If we talk about the basics of a painted prayer and how you can get familiar with this sprayer, you should read this article till the end.

In this article, we will discuss the structure of a paint sprayer so that you can get maximum information in one short.

Types of paint sprayer

There are three main types of paint sprayers, and all of them are different from one and another in some ways. The three types of paint sprayers are

  1. Airless paint sprayers

These paint sprayers come with a piston pump and which makes them unique from all other paint sprayers. The piston pump adds a special quality to a paint sprayer and makes coating easy in one go.

The airless paint sprayers work on the mechanism of high pressure and coating maximum paint in one shift. When you use an airless sprayer, you shoot the paint from the tip of the sprayer.

These paint sprayers are a perfect choice for both primers and thick latex paints.

  • HVLP paint sprayers

Well, the name of this paint sprayer is itself an explanation of their working mechanism. These high-pressure low volume paint sprayers have excellent transfer efficiency and give a fine finish to your coatings.

Whenever you will use them, the finishing you get is visually appealing and beautiful. You will not end up with droplets of paint but will rather get fine coating with no patches and spaces on the wall.

  • Air assisted paint sprayers

These paint sprayers are highly affordable, and they work amazingly on all kinds of surfaces.

They are a bit different from airless sprayers, and they can also work on shelves and furniture.

You can connect it with an air compressor and use it to paint your cabinets, shelves, and furniture.

All the airless paint prayers are capable of dealing with latex paint and primers. Now, people prefer them over rollers and brushes because of their efficiency.

They are comfortable in use, and you never get tired after using them. They complete your two-day work in hours, and therefore they are called time savers.

You can use them for big projects, and it is the reason behind their success. They are a bit expensive from other methods of painting, but the comfort they bring is worth spending money.