Paint eyes with shadow: Tips and tricks

Make-up is always working on the face as a whole. However, in this regard, the eyes need to be given special attention, even if the color accent in the makeup is directed to the lips. With the right approach to eye makeup, you can not only preserve the natural sophistication of the image, but also greatly enhance the impression of the bottomlessness of your eyes! We will tell you how to paint eyes with shadow beautifully and with high quality in a few simple steps.

How beautiful to paint eyes with shadow in stages 

The classic eye shadow makeup technique is the most common and completely uncomplicated even for beginners. The advantage of this method is a minimum of time and effort! For this makeup we need: 

  • several shades of shadows (it is very convenient to use an eyeshadow palette, which has all the necessary “classic” shades that will suit absolutely everyone; 
  • black wax pencil; 
  • mascara. 

Of course, eyeshadow brushes will help us to paint our eyes correctly , not sponge applicators, which manufacturers usually put in sets . It’s best to have at least one flat brush that is comfortable for applying shadows, a fluffy barrel brush for blending, and a small brush for darker shades. Using such brushes, we can paint with shadows quickly enough, make neat transitions and control the saturation of shades.

Here are the main steps in the classic shadow technique: 

  1. First, you need to prepare the skin around the eyes with a foundation to even out the tone and correct color nuances (dark circles under the eyes and in the corners of the eyes, age spots, etc.). In addition, the makeup will be more durable, and the shadows will be easier to blend. 
  2. Apply the lightest shade of shadows to the entire upper eyelid. In the inner corner of the eye, we apply light shimmer shadows or a highlighter – this will make the look clear and fresh. 
  3. In the center of the eyelid, a medium shade of eyeshadow is used. 
  4. To visually enhance the density of the eyelashes and give expressiveness to the look, draw the space between the eyelashes of the upper eyelid with a black wax pencil. 
  5. To create a beautiful depth on the outer corner of the upper eyelid, apply the darkest, most contrasting shade of shadows. 
  6. We work on the lower eyelid with a medium shade of shadows, and paint the eyelashes. 

How to paint eyes with shadow for every day 

Of course, beautiful everyday makeup is the key to success for the whole day. He gives self-confidence, and this helps in work, at business meetings, on dates. Daytime eye makeup should be performed in a natural color scheme, but at the same time make the eyes expressive and the look attractive! The ideal shades of eyeshadow looks are nude, beige, peach, dusty pink, gold and of course shades of brown. Shadows can be either matter or with a light satin shine . Try to avoid too much shine, it will be inappropriate in the daytime. We also do not forget that we need to create beauty in the morning not only with high quality, but also quickly, in order to be on time everywhere and be on top!

The stages of everyday makeup are quite simple: 

  • On the prepared skin of the eyelid (using a tone or base under the shadow), apply light shadows to the inner corner and the space under the eyebrows. 
  • In the area of ​​the orbital fold, apply and shade well the shadows of a medium shade, slightly darker than the skin color. Thus, we will deepen the eyelid and make the look more open. 
  • With a dark brown pencil, paint over the eyelash growth line. With a small brush, lightly shade the pencil diagonally to the outer corner, creating a haze effect. It turns out to be a lightweight version of a shaded arrow. 
  • On the moving eyelid, you can apply a little shimmery shadows – this will refresh the image, make the eyes expressive and, moreover, a slight shimmer on the apple of the eyelid is not the first season in trend! 

How to paint eyes with shadow of two colors 

Learning to paint eyes with a shadow of two colors is absolutely easy! One most important thing is to pick up  the right shades. How do you choose this pair? One of the most practical and popular colors is dark brown. It goes well with almost all shades – peach, pale pink, milky, gold. For daytime makeup, light matte red eyeshadow looks with a light satin sheen are suitable. Bright shimmer, gold, silver, sequins of any kind – this is already an evening story, their use will be appropriate for a date or a party.

Of course, we prepare the skin of the eyelids for applying shadows – it can be a foundation, concealer or a base under the shadow. We advise you to pay attention to the base, or else they say “primer” for the eyelids . It perfectly evens out the skin’s relief, the shadows are well shaded and the makeup remains resistant for a long time. 

Next, we work according to the already familiar scheme: 

  • Apply a light shade to the movable eyelid and to the inner corner of the eye using a flat brush. 
  • We put the dark color in the outer corner of the eye, we dim it with a barrel brush and put it a little into the crease of the eyelid. We will get a beautiful relief and depth. 
  • Draw the space between the eyelashes with a pencil and paint the eyelashes. 

If you perform makeup according to all the basic rules, then our image will be flawless, even if there is a palette with two colors of eyeshadows in our cosmetic bag! 

How to paint eyes with shadow with overhanging eyelids  

If you are the owner of an overhanging eyelid (also called lowered, hidden or heavy), then you should pay attention to a number of points that will help you avoid mistakes in makeup, and visually make the eyelid more open and raised.

  • Try to avoid hard lines. If the anatomy of the eyelid allows you to display the arrow, then it is better to make it a little shaded. 
  • Do your makeup on open eyes, because all shadow transitions made on closed eyelids may disappear when you open them. 
  • Use a moisture-resistant mascara to prevent lash marks on your upper eyelid. 

One of the most common and uncomplicated eye makeup techniques is smoky eyes. And yet, this is just a salvation for the overhanging century and the most profitable method of correcting it! You can create a daytime light smoky with shadows. Another option is to make the backing with a wax crayon or any gel texture and then apply the eyeshadow. This makeup will be more permanent and the shadows will look richer. 

Here are some simple steps for the smoky eyes technique with a pencil backing: 

  • Apply a pencil on a movable eyelid and blend with a brush so that there are no clear boundaries. 
  • Duplicate the pencil with shadows, softly shading them. 
  • Paint over the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid. 
  • Work on the lower eyelid with the same shadows. 
  • Paint over eyelashes with mascara. It will be very appropriate to use false band eyelashes or beams – they instantly correct the drooping of the corners of the eyes and set the direction up, modeling a beautiful “fox” look. An excellent option would be tape eyelashes of medium size and classic density. 

There is no doubt that smokey eye make-up gives expressiveness and a certain mystery to the look, and the whole image is filled with a special charm! With this simple eye makeup technique, you can easily visually correct the shape of a heavy eyelid. 

So, the main points of applying shadows in eye makeup are mastered, now you can practice. Train, get inspired, experiment, follow your feelings and moods, because it is very important in any case to feel like a queen and be able to make yourself fantastically beautiful!