Page experience update and its impact on SEO

Google has finally begun rolling out their much-awaited and widely circulated experience update on 16th of June. The page experience update has a slow pace over time.

Google has estimated that it will be finished by the end of August. Now, because the upgrade is being phased out gradually, Google will be able to keep track of any unexpected issues with all of its search results.

The Google page experience update will be revolving around to focus on each page’s user experience, analyzing a user’s total involvement and engagement with the page. With this much algorithmic movement it is best for many companies to hire SEO professionals who offer SEO services, like Strategic SEO Solutions, to maximize page experience and organic search.

This brand-new ranking criterion, dubbed as “page experience,” is planned to be implemented into Google’s algorithm at the start of the coming year. 

Google Page Experience is set to be a new ranking criterion that will be utilized to evaluate web pages based on how people identify their interactions with landing pages. This means that if Google witnesses that a site’s pages provide a poor user experience, then in that case, those pages may no longer be ranked as highly as they are currently.

A proper and positive website experience can also help you rank higher on search engine result pages. 

What is Google Page Experience? 

Before getting into the further details, let’s first understand what this term actually means and how it functions. 

Page experience can be defined as a set of signals that evaluate how people perceive the idea of engaging with a web page above its information value or any side information.

According to Google, Google’s Core Web Vitals – Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – will be utilized as the indicator of ranking. 

  • LCD works as measuring the loading performance of web pages. In order to provide a good user experience, LCP should appear within 2.5 seconds of when the page first starts to load. 
  • FID evaluates the interactivity of a web page. In order to provide a good user experience, web pages should have a FID less than 100ms. 
  • CLS calculates the visual stability of a web page. In order to provide a good user experience, web pages should carry a CLS less than 0.1. 

The page experience will heavily depend on these Core Web Vitals. The ranking signal will be used to analyze and address important metrics of a healthy webpage to find the experience quality of each. 

Over the past few years, Google has created a base for user experience identification in order to add to its ranking algorithm. This includes the mobile friendliness, security, and the speed of a page load. 

After adding the Core web essentials, Google is now working towards improving the way it assesses the overall experience provided by a web page. By blending its Core web values with user experience signals, Google is aiming to help more webmasters to design and form pages that users are actually interacting with. 

Impact of Page Experience update on SEO- 

In recent times, Search Engine optimization has always revolved around a size technical optimization, how well and good the content on its web page is optimized in order to rank with the help of search phrases, as well as the quality of links from other websites to your website. 

The technical optimization aspect of Search Engine optimization is likely to become more important as a result of the Google page experience update. It is important to update your digital marketing strategy according these updates announced by Google. You can also take the help of your digital marketing service provider. But that doesn’t mean that the other two elements of SEO will lose their significance. 

This indicates that Google will now take a totally different approach to most important ranking metrics. Now it will be more concerned with whether or not consumers are having a pleasant experience on your website. 

After the Google page experience update it is being launched in late 2021, we can now expect a change in the way Search Engine optimization used to function earlier. It will be more like an evolution than a revolution experience. 

The particular page experience update shows an important shift in SEO. Google has always updated about new algorithm updates and how they affect the search results. But here, undoubtedly it is an effort to increase transparency which is important in today’s times and something Google has elaborated on improving for some time being. With this they are providing us with an exact road map to follow in order to optimize the forthcoming algorithm update. 

Google has made it very clear that it will still focus on putting important emphasis on the high-quality content. The significance of having exceptional and relevant content does not outweigh the need of having a good page experience. The Google page experience update becomes significantly more valuable for visibility in search in scenarios where there are many pages with comparable content. 

However, some of the position peaks and drops may be reversed by the update in July so we should wait and watch for Google’s next step towards it. One thing is very certain that you can’t protect your site from algorithm changes affecting organic visibility. You can also closely follow the Google recommendations and keep an eye on your own web page ranks as well as along with the content quality. 

Web pages or websites that ignore are slow to adopt these new updates, especially the user experience measurements can easily lose big ground in the search rankings. 

The brand-new update is only in its developing age now. Google will at least provide a six months’ notice before these changes officially come into being. Given the current condition of covid-19 pandemic, the search engine is doing all it can to give all the site owners notice on upcoming changes to the ranking algorithm. 

Website with pop ups that revolves around the content or makes it difficult for the users to access is considered as a big turn off and will negatively impact the user experience. All the points and factors that are mentioned in this blog, sums up the entire whole user experience that will matter in the new update termed as “page experience”. It will definitely impact SEO in 2021 when Google page experience update finally comes into play. 

Page experience plays a key role when thousands of users visit your website every day.

Therefore, it’s highly important for you to consider reaching out to a creative marketing agency to improve your website’s performance and outcome. 

It’s high time we start treating SEO as important as our paid marketing. Let’s push more relevance and quality in content as well as our offerings.