Padmaja Bharti – author, designer, influencer, and feminist!

Padmaja Bharti is among India’s bestselling authors and now a familiar name in the social media influencer industry. She is a vibrant designer whose fashion blogs and articles have a loyal reader base in the online world. Most of her write-ups are feminist and striking but in a reasonable manner.

After working in the design field for some years, she finally took writing as a full-time career. Her debut book Wondering of Indian International Ethics faired reasonably well among Indian readers. Her bestselling book Rhime of Time is a compilation of manageable and intricate poetry. It took the national and foreign markets by storm.

Padmaja is not only a fashion blogger but also a reputed influencer on Instagram. She has collaborated with several brands for promotional activities. Appreciated by thousands of followers, her content is getting better post by post. The top marketing agency Digital Golgappa identified her as one of the most capable content creators in the business. “Rapid increase in my follower count gives me extensive satisfaction. It makes me believe that I am on the right path,” she added.

“Books are the closest companion to a writer’s soul,” she believes. Wondering of Indian International Ethics talks about Indian ethics and moral values, especially in statesmanship. She explains how ethics play a vital role in the modern world. International relations thrive on it. Rhime of Time is a book that came straight out of her heart and was widely appreciated not just by the readers but also by several celebrities and bestselling authors. “Short yet touching,” she sums up. Padmaja is currently writing her third book on COVID 19, specifically its impact on the Indian economy.

Padmaja is also an ardent lover of animals. Even after she featured as the cover star of reputed magazines, Padmaja Bharti remains one of the most down to earth individuals. “That is certainly the quality which I am proud of,” she concludes.