Ovogenebank: Find Egg Donors &Start your Happy Family!

A child brings happiness to your life like no other, and there is no joy than to have a child in your arms. Ovogenebank is an international egg bank that aims to fill in your life with happiness and contribute to bringing new life to this world by providing high-quality frozen donor eggs. Their goal is to establish a reliable, transparent, and long-term relationship with their clients by providing their clients with the best service. They aim on achieving this goal by supplying not only vitrified biomaterial but also high-quality embryological support, time-saving, and development options. 

Their Services

Ovogenebank is an international egg bank that provides a wide range of premium services that gives you a pleasant experience of the whole journey and the process. These services include:

  1. Intensive Genetic Testing: Ovogenebank maintains the reputation of their company by providing quality eggs for fertilization. They do so by putting the egg donor through a rigorous selection process. Their team of professional work on doing intensive testing and family history tracing to ensure that only healthy donors are selected. A simple blood sample is collected and various genetic testing is done on it, some of these include Karyotype, Fragile X, Karyotype, and family history is conducted under an experienced psychologist. All these steps ensure that the egg donor is healthy and there is no history and chance of any genetic or mental illness. 
  1. Certified Advanced Technology- Ovogenebank only provide its clients with certified oocytes. Certified oocytes are the eggs that go through an extensive screening and selection process. These eggs have a normal number of chromosomes and a normal genetic constitution. If there is a genetic error then there are several abnormalities that may occur in the child during and after pregnancy, that is why ovogenebank ensures that every oocyte is certified which also gives an extra benefit of high chances of getting pregnant on the first attempt. 
  1. Delivery: Ovogenebank insists on using one of the best cryoshipment delivery services in the industry, i.e., ARK.CRYO. ARK.CRYO has a good reputation and experience of 10 years in the field of international logistics and cryoshipment. Additionally, delivery of donor eggs requires extra care and precaution, thus, ARK.CRYO transports the material with such security that they are not exposed to X-rays and other harmful rays. It also abides by the IATA standards and a team of professionals delivers your material with full care and caution. ARK.CRYO makes your work and experience easier by providing door-to-door deliveries and 24/7 legal support. 

There are two ways by which ARK.CYRO delivers; one is via land and the other is via air. In the shipment via land, the egg is stored in liquid nitrogen, this method is highly recommended for short and medium distances, whereas, for longer distances, shipment via air is the best-suggested way as the egg is stored in exclusive containers with all necessary precautions and safety measures. 

  1. IVF Audit: Ovogenebank is an international egg bank that places all its efforts in providing its clients with full support and top-notch services. According to their audit system, they provide a perfect and healthy environment in the lab and ensure that the air quality is controlled and all the standards are maintained. Additionally, a team of experts and professionals is appointed to take care and keep a close eye on the embryo culture system. You will also get a follow-up by the experts on every IVF outcome and online consultation whenever necessary. Moreover, all the protocols and the ethical code of conduct are followed during the entire process. 

The procedure room is made to provide the patient with utmost comfort and privacy, with a clean and healthy environment. The procedures done in labs are taken extra care of with all the necessary guidelines that are needed to be followed. 

  1. For LGBTQ+ Families: For LGBTQ+ families, egg donation plays a major role when they wish to start their family. For an LGBTQ+ couple, there are three things they need to think upon:
    1. Egg donation
    2. Sperm donation
    3. Embryo adoption

Through ovogenebank, you can easily find egg donors and get assistance with the selection of sperm donors. Additionally, it also offers LGBTQ+ couples the service to create embryos in their labs with full medical care and support. 

Reasons why you should choose Ovogenebank

  1. Several Phenotypes: Ovogenebank is an international egg bank, here you can easily find egg donors from various races, ethnicities, colors, etc. You can find Asian donors, Caucasian donors, and many others according to your preferences. 
  1. Anonymous and non-anonymous donor IDs: You can find both anonymous and non-anonymous donor IDs by searching through its database. 
  1. Donor Screening: Ovogenebank goes through a full-length procedure where the donor egg is screened and tested for any genetic error, and family history is taken to ensure that the donor egg is healthy. A list of tests is run for the same. 
  1. No-cost donor search: You can go through their wide database and look for donors, online. The best part is, you can search for them for free! You do not have to give any extra cost for browsing through the list. 
  1. Guarantees: Ovogenebank does not give any false promises. They provide their patient with transparent guidelines and guarantees, with optimum compensation. For more information, you can either visit their website or have an on-call conversation. 
  1. Certified Oocyte: The donor egg goes through a screening to make sure they are free of any genetic error and have a normal chromosomal constitution. This makes the oocyte certified and healthy. 
  1. Easy Delivery: Ovogenebank has a great shipment service that provides door-to-door delivery. All the precautions and safety measures are considered while the shipment and full expert assistance are provided. 
  1. Interactive Website: For more information, you can visit their website. They have an interactive website where you can get knowledge regarding the entire procedure and through AI assistance you can also resolve your queries. The website also has a blog section where you can read amazing blogs. Additionally, you can find the contact details on the website and you can further contact them for assistance.