Ovik Mkrtchyan – Biography

Ovik Mkrtchyan is a European businessman and corporate consultant.

For the last 20 years, he has been a corporate consultant for company GOR INVESTMENT LTD as well as being in the private business sector for over 25 years.

Ovik Mkrtchyan is actively involved in solving urgent issues in the environmental field and innovations in medicine. He is co-founder of SIA EGG ENERGY and New Medical Technologies, and finances innovative developments in the field of virology, pharmacology, and organic farming. Mr Mkrtchyan performs document management services for the companies he supervises, initiates development strategies and is responsible for all marketing campaigns.

He is co-author of the scientific paper ‘Modern Technologies in the Road Complex’ (2006) which details the logistics of international freight transport in Uzbekistan.


Ovik Mkrtchyan has a diploma for the popularisation and promotion of Armenian culture and is a strong supporter of preservation projects set up by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia.

On a very different note, Mr Mkrtchyan was awarded a medal by the International Wrestling Federation for his organisational contribution to the World Wrestling Championship 2014 held in the Uzbekistan capital, Tashkent.


Since 2002 – corporate consultant in the group of companies GOR INVESTMENT LTD.

2002 – Deputy General Director at OQ YO’L TRANS LLC.

1999 – 2001 – Marketing Director at ASTA KOMPANIYASI LLC.

1997 – 1999 – Marketing Director at TESKOBROKSERVIS LLC.

1993 – 1996 – Deputy Chairman of the Board at the NOVOROSSIYSK COMMERCIAL BANK (BATA).

Among Mr Mkrtchyan’s professional achievements in his current role is the development of enterprise strategies, tax and accounting, marketing, financial and legal support of the company’s economic activities.


Football, intellectual games, as well as creating and nurturing promising business projects. 

Personal life: 

Ovik Mkrtchyan is married with four adult children.

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