Overnight Desert Safari – Desert Camping, BBQ, and Extravaganza

Dubai lies among the world’s top-ranking tourist destinations. Its skyrocketing infrastructure and eccentric culture inspire tourists from all over the globe. Hence, they love to explore this city of gold to its core diversities. Getting fascinated by Dubai and its charms, we, a group of 5 friends decide to spend a camping night in the desert. Overnight desert safari Dubai is a well-known adventurous place that lies on the bucket list of many travelers.

For an upbeat experience, we booked the overnight itinerary through Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. Luckily, we got enthusiastic vendors who contributed to making our desert camping experience worth cherishing for a lifetime.

Overnight Camping in a Desert Safari in Dubai

1.   Dune Bashing in Furious SUVs

The adventurists love to bash the reddening dunes of Arabia to a huge extent. Being the madcaps, we all were excited about bashing the Arabian dunes in furious vehicles. The tour operator from team Happy Adventures Tourism led us to the Nissan Patrol for dune bashing. It’s a 4×4 SUV that withstands rough terrain.

There are other off-road vehicles as well which seem to enlighten the dune arena. Those include dune buggies, land cruisers, wrangler jeeps, and hummers. A bumpy dune ride across the high sand heaps is a must-try whenever you are on a desert safari in Dubai. Where the dune drive on high red dunes is next level.

2.   Discover the Unseen in a Camel Safari

Travel back in time to the archaic scenery through a camel ride. If you keep an explorer inside of you, you’d love to ride a camel amidst the dunes. Soak up in the cold ambience of the golden dunes from over the camel’s hump. The stillness of the barren leaves an explorer contented and fulfilled. Also, you can spit the unseen beauty of the wild right from a camel’s back.

3.   Dinnet Amidst the Dunes

The opulent BBQ and buffet station features the welcoming gestures of middle-eastern hospitality. After crazy terrain activities, we were escorted to the buffet station by operators of team Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. The Arabian and international cuisines sum up the mouthwatering menu. From scrumptious bites of charcoal roasted meat to divine desserts, every food item was filled with heavenly flavours.

Moreover, we had unlimited free access to chilled beverages including multiple refills of soft drinks. Arabian coffee and tea were made with traditional middle-eastern style and served with a platter full of dates. Those scrumptious delights left a pleasant essence in the mouth.

4.   Be a Part of the Entertainment

Live entertainment starts spreading its colours along with the twilight of the night in the desert vicinity. Witness the fascinating belly dance presented by professional dancers. There is also a depiction of the Tanoura dance by the dervishes in colourful cloaks. Whereas, fire show, Khaleeji dance, and stickman show are other prominent highlights of the festive night.

Our tour operators from team Happy Adventures Tourism let us seated among the audience. Being a part of cheering the audience while smouldering shisha and hookah was an overwhelming recreational activity.

5.   Camping at the Nomadic Land

Absorb serenity in the beautiful ambience of twilight in the desert. Campers find their heaven in the middle of this nomadic land. As they get a chance to witness a sky full of stars. A Milkyway always attracts adventurists. Because they see their dreams come true being those galaxies their audience!

Coming to describe the fun part, camping in a nomadic land is an extreme adventure. The tour guides of team Happy Adventures Tourism provided us with all the camping essentials. We pitched our camps on the velvety sand beds along with the installation of snug blankets and sleeping bags. Although we were restless due to exciting dune activities, we still spent one-third of the night in stargazing and storytelling.

6. Scenic Views of the Sunrise

The ultimate advantage of night camping at the dunes is that you get a chance to witness the twilight as well as the sunrise. A night expedition to the conservation reserve means you have unlocked the door to unlimited bounties. The sunrise views of the pristine dunes are so mesmerizing that the beholder never wants to take his eyes off!

The floating hot air balloons and transitioning sand ripples in the background are picturesque components of the desert. When you are off to witness the exceptional beauty of the Arabian terrain, it is advised that never forget your camera at home.


So this was a glimpse of our epic journey to the mighty barren of Dubai. Getting to the right travel partners is a crucial step in exploring a new place. We made our trip to the conservation reserve an epic one by reaching out to Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. Desert camping, thrilling rides, and our overall voyage was made memorable because of their admirable services.