Overcome your Mental Health through the power of Yoga with Bodsphere

During this period of increasing uncertainty, when the world is under attack by the COVID-19 virus, therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists all over the world report an increase in awareness of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression among people of all ages. Mental illnesses have become more prevalent as a result of a variety of factors such as job loss, decreased social interaction, and so on. and thus, Stress builds up among people. Even middle-aged and old people, who don’t have family members around are suffering from immense mental stress in the fear of acquiring the highly contagious coronavirus, and the list goes on. Given this situation, the Therapist and Psychologist advise trying preventive measures and alternative medicine before resorting to medication and Bodsphere initiated to help in doing so through yoga and meditation. 

It is important to understand that continuous stress and anxiety can manifest into many health issues which might be prone to COVID. Yoga is resulting to be the best discipline to adopt as a lifestyle habit which helps to cure your mental illness and retain a healthy respiratory system. Yoga is one such timeless discipline that is not only a great stress reliever but also helps overcome symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Practicing the Yoga Asanas in our daily life helps to build the immunity, increase endurance and gradually helps in keeping our mind calm. 

Here is BODSPHERE an initiative of SAMARTHYA BHATNAGAR and PREETIKA BHATNAGAR, which is World’s FIRST Virtual Health and Wellness Platform that has over 600+ FREE Yoga Tutorials on Instagram, YouTube & Facebook. Now, during the lockdown, you can get trained in Yoga from your home itself. As it is said “The Nature of Yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body.” One can overcome a handful of health issues by regularly practicing Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama.

Bodsphere is a Virtual Health and Wellness Platform focuses on flexibility, strength, stamina, endurance, balance along with mindfulness. They also provide Craniosacral Therapy as an alternative medicine to cure different body ailments. It is the only platform that provides 4 different styles of Yoga: HATHA, ASHTANGA, VINYASA & YIN Yoga. 

In addition to their Free Yoga Tutorials, BODSPHERE also provides Yoga Teacher Training Programs through the online medium as well as through their application as it wants to make sure more and more people come forward to take the responsibility of this beautiful planet.  It is India’s FIRST Health and Wellness Platform that is present in 30+ countries. 

Given the current situation, we should work on improving our immunity. Because BODSPHERE provides the most authentic and holistic training, it is the best possible platform to choose for the sessions of Yoga and Meditation that are so important in overcoming stress and anxiety. Yoga is a tried-and-true method for addressing the underlying causes of mental illness and thus improving everyone’s mental health. It has been suggested that looking into the present scenario, one can opt for Yoga through this Virtual Platform – Bodsphere. 

  “Relax the Mind and Live the Life You Love”.