Outdoor Water Features In Australia For Attractive and Calm Environment

Few things in the world soothe the human mind like running water. The fountain is a real celebration. A garden fountain provides the same calming qualities and can even lift the look of your landscapes. From contemporary orbs to classical tiered towers, the styles and designs of fountain speak to more than aesthetics. There is no doubt that an outdoor fountain can turn a dull ad sparkle-less outdoor living space into a relaxing and inviting area. For your outdoor décor, choosing the right fountain is the perfect combination of practicality and personal preference. 

In landscape architecture, the fountain is contained primarily for the purpose of decoration. It has been an important element in the gardens’ design as well as in the public spaces since ancient times. Over the last decade, water fountains have become quite popular and people are now realizing the benefits a fountain can have. As a decorative element outside as well as inside of your home, there are different types of fountains available in the market. If you are among those who are wondering where to find that perfect outdoor water features in Australia, then you must have extensive knowledge about the same.

Types of fountains

  • Indoor fountains

Fountains for indoor space can be placed on a table and there are also many types of fountains that can be hung on a wall. One can also look for floor fountains, that are usually larger than tabletop fountains. When deciding on an indoor fountain, one must consider the available space. A lot of people find the indoor fountain to help increase energy and improve the mood. It brings the calming effect of magical water into any room. Many fountains come pre-assembled and are mostly used as accent pieces to be a primary design element in a room. 

  • Outdoor fountains

It can be a unique accent in your outdoor décor that is designed to be incorporated into your landscaping. The poolside area or garden can get benefit from the installation of a fountain. Apart from their calming abilities, it provides a beautiful accent and serves as a focal point of your outdoor space. Out of the many popular options, the spitter fountain features a sculpture with piping that transports water from the added source. It helps maintain a fresh supply in your garden and can be installed in above and in-ground configurations. Cistern fountains also allow one to house fish and other aquatic activities. 

Benefits of installing a fountain

  • Water sound drowns out many other sounds like voices in the next room, traffic noise, a neighbor who walks loud, and much more. The flowing water sound relaxes you and helps you enjoy a calm environment.
  • A soothing sound comes as a stress reliever. When you search for a fountain, look for the one with a nice water sound. A lot of fountains provide adjustable pumps to adjust the flow to your liking.
  • Pets love running water and your fountain can be their favorite apart from adding beauty to your home. The water is completely safe as long as one is not using harmful chemicals in it. 
  • It will add instant beauty to your outdoor area. Whether it is a tabletop fountain or a large wall fountain, one can decorate and show-off their style. An appealing fountain is a piece of art that can become the centerpiece of your living space.
  • Fountains work towards improving the air at home with negative ions that reduce air pollution. It actively works to purify the air and the continuous moving water will rejuvenate you with negative ions, besides relaxing you. 
  • It acts as a natural humidifier by adding moisture to a dry room. A fountain can help the indoor plants by adding lost humidity and helps them grow well. 

Water fountain maintenance

To provide a continual flow of soothing water, a lot of residential fountains use recirculated water. A certain amount of water evaporates when they operate. One can keep their fountain operating correctly by monitoring the level of waters. Make sure to use distilled water always for indoor fountains. The pump mag gets damaged and reduces the life of the fountain if the water level is too low. It is advised to keep checking water levels frequently. To prevent mineral build-up, some chemical solutions can also be added. It prevents algae build-up and growth. Follow all manufacturer recommended cleaning solution to maintain the fountain. One who lives in a harsh climate should invest in a fountain that is constructed with materials that can withstand any climate change. It is also advised to inspect fountains’ pumps in every six months to make sure that everything is working in order.