Outdoor Concrete Flooring Options this Summer 2023

The concrete jungle is calling your name! The warm air is now getting closer, signaling that it’s summer.

As the calendar approaches the middle of the year, the scorching weather is closing in, and you may want to prep your outdoor spaces and make them summer-friendly.

Grilling a barbecue during a hot summer night or sipping margaritas while you dip in the pool in your backyard under hot midday is a great way to spend summer. But first, think about your outdoor floors.

It is key to renovating your spaces to welcome a new season. 

Read on and learn the hottest and coolest outdoor flooring designs you can try in 2023!

Concrete the coolest floor material for the summer!

Concrete is a classic and durable option for outdoor flooring. If you are in a metropolitan area, consider resurfacing your patios or backyard pool area with this material.

Since it is made with solid raw components such as cement, sand, and gravel, a porous yet durable material materializes. It adapts to high temperatures and does not warm quickly, unlike other materials like wooden decks or tiles, which can absorb heat quickly. 

This is also why concrete is one of the best pool decking materials. If you are thinking of making this your go-to outdoor floor, you need to know the popular concrete floor options you can include in your spaces.

Find something unique or something that you can use to upgrade your stamped concrete or colored concrete that will refresh your summer. 

The following are several options for uplifting the concrete floor surfaces in your yards and gardens. We also consulted expert outdoor resurfacers from Concrete Patios St Louis to give their professional take on the different concrete resurfacing techniques.

If you are curious about where you can apply the items we listed here, you can learn facts and tips from their site at Now let us check out the favorite concrete flooring styles and ideas for homes and business spaces.

Aggregate concrete with visible stones

More popularly known as exposed aggregate, this option is a top favorite among different concrete floor contractors. The pros at Decorative Concrete Las Vegas explain that this is a popular choice among commercial spaces for its highly decorative appeal. 

This type of concrete consists of small rocks or pebbles that are visible on the surface, giving it a natural and rough visual appeal. Find out from their website gallery,, how they can apply this method to other outdoor concrete surfaces.

The owners could adjust the degree of exposure of the stones according to their liking. This is also why installers love doing this.

Colored concrete

Adding colored concrete can provide a visually-appealing touch to your outdoor area, making it stand out from the ordinary. Nowadays, you can do this using various techniques and tools. 

You can choose if you want to dye, paint or stain the concrete surface. That is why you must contact concrete resurfacing experts to help you choose the right application.

Textured cement

Cement can be textured to make various surfaces, like a polished, sleek finish or an unfinished, rough texture. This gives you the potential to pick a surface that is both durable and visually appealing surface.

A concrete surface with enhanced textures is great for driveway surfaces and other areas where you need to improve safety.

Decorative concrete

There is not just one, not two, but more types of decorative concrete. Concrete overlays are among the popular and a favorite of practical homeowners. This is due to its simplicity and cost-effectivity.

It is done by applying a thin cement or concrete on an existing surface. It can be a great way of incorporating luxurious and sophisticated patterns and shapes. 

Poured concrete

If you have old and worn-out flooring, that needs change. There is no other way to do it but with poured concrete. 

This is a traditional and budget-friendly selection for exterior flooring. Concrete pouring is strong and can be imprinted or shaded to make a variety of appearances.

Concrete pavers

Concrete pavers are very adaptable to any outdoor theme. What makes this a favorite ever since is its simple and monolith look. 

These slabs are robust and require minimal upkeep. You can still rely on these materials to this day and make them sustainable for more years.

Stamped concrete 

It is an option that provides a poured material imprinted with a pattern, creating a visually similar appearance to that of brick, wood, or stone while being durable and easy to care for. 

You can see interesting stamped photos here If you need a seamless result for your stamped concrete, it is always best to contact a professional installer like those at Denver Stamped Concrete Patio Experts.

In Summary

You can choose from various exterior flooring alternatives regardless of design preferences or spending amount.

It’s a good thing that concrete is accessible anywhere, plus it is a sustainable material that you can give a makeover when you need a new look to your spaces. 

You do not have to throw away solid slabs if you need to change your outdoor spaces. So think outside the box and allow your creativity to take control. There are limitless options.